Bosch GMS120 Wall Scanner Review

The Bosch GMS120 Wall scanner is a new addition to the Bosch range, designed to locate wood and metal studs as well as copper pipes and live wires, a stud finder like this one is essential if you plan to drill holes blindly into walls for any reason. It can also pick out water filled tubing and rebar besides many other items you might find within a wall cavity, and best of all it operates on nearly all surfaces including drywall, chipboard and even concrete.

Operation and Testing

The Bosch GMS120 operates easily, it’s just a case of selecting the right mode for whatever material you think you might find and off you go. When the correct mode is selected you stand the best chance of picking up the corresponding material/object, so it’s pretty important to double check in alternative modes if you don’t find something when you’d expect to.

If your efforts sliding the device over the surface are successful the results are indicated by the presence of a ring of light being projected onto the wall, and an audio signal, so you should find it’s pretty obvious when something has been located. Once you locate a possible obstruction you can then mark it accurately on the wall through the marking hole in the centre of the device.

Under test conditions the GMS120 gave an impressive performance, locating the intended center of a dummy copper pipe without fail, with accurate results when checked against the wall marking. A live wire was also located very quickly but the scatter plot posed a bit of a challenge to the exact location, so it’s probably a little more dicey when it comes to locating electrical services.

The display proves to be difficult with the backlight switched on. For best results you’ll need to look straight ahead at the display to avoid any confusion

Nevertheless, this Bosch tool proves sufficient for various home works that need quick fixes, or indeed at a professional level. It’s definitely more effectivethan many stud finders on the market, certainly in it’s positional accuracy. We’d definitely have the best faith we could in a stud finder with the GMS120.

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