Bosch GCM 8 SJL Mitre Saw Review

This is another awesome product from the renowned Bosch ‘professional’ range of tools. It differs from many compound mitre saws on the market because it has two dust extraction ports for a superior working environment uninterrupted by saw dust that blurs your view of the job and irritates your lungs. In addition, it has a larger cutting width capacity than most because it can do a comfortable 312mm cut, whereas most other mitre saws in its class can only manage 210mm or at most 300mm. The speed is a fast 5500 rpm, enough to chop through just about any hard wood with ease, just hit the switch and start cutting immediately, and once you do, to help you cut precisely, there is a laser guidance system.

You aren’t limited as to what you can use the GCM 8 SJL for. You can use it to cut floorboards, parquets, laminates, softwood, hard wood and even some metals, all from the same blade. With the ability to cut through to a depth of 70mm, you know this is as deep as it gets, pretty much the limit among mitre saws.

The compact design and the sturdy construction of the Bosch GCM 8 SJL tells you at a glance that it’s built to last a long time, and a long time it will indeed last. It feels very solid and the good thing is the light weight aluminium base makes it very portable; the kind of compound mitre saw that anyone moving between building sites would benefit from greatly.

Important safety features include a clamp that holds the work piece firmly in place for your safety, and as mentioned before, because the dust and chips are extracted as soon as they are dropped, there will be no chance of any getting into your eyes. None the less of course, you should still wear protective eyeglasses even so.


  • Has a tiltable table and can cut material in angles of up to 60 degrees, making it very versatile in practice
  • It has a clamp for holding the pieces that you are cutting firmly, an important safety feature
  • Solid yet light weight, powerful design


  • The soft start of this machine can take a bit of getting used to, as there will be some vibration on starting. Apart from that, everything else runs smoothly.


If you’re looking for a compound mitre saw that you can use for bigger pieces of wood, laminates and metal, you have found it in the Bosch GCM 8 SJL. They don’t label it ‘professional’ without good reason, and of course you will pay a premium for the enhanced power and quality that it provides, but if you’re serious about you joinery then it’s certainly a price worth paying.

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