Einhell UK 4300295 Mitre Saw Review

This is easily one of the more secure mitre saws on the market – it comes with a clamping feature that holds the work piece tightly in place. This is an excellent safety feature that ensures the saw won’t whip the work piece half way across your garage! You also can be assured that there won’t be any chips flying towards your eyes, although it’s still important that you wear protective goggles when working. With the UK 4300295, Einhell have outdone themselves to bring you the best, small and compact mitre saw, capable of making cuts through wood (even with nails), steel, aluminium and even plastic, all as though it were butter.

The cutting size capacity is a reasonable 5.5cm, which is almost three inches. If you like to work dangerously, you can press some extra depth from the saw and make the cut at dead on three inches. However, that’s not advisable and we wouldn’t recommend it!

The grip of this saw is soft and allows even a person with weaker arms to work for a long time. It’s ergonomic design is such that it seems to almost conform to the palm. It fits snugly and is soft on the skin of your hands.

With a dust extraction feature and bag attached, the worktable is always left clean meaning you save time and won’t have to spend time cleaning up, having already spent all day cutting up wood. The worktable is 120mm across, which is big, but in truth not big enough, as other mitre saws can be up to 300mm across. On the plus side the saw is driven by a powerful 1600-watt motor, which again makes it capable of doing different tasks effortlessly.

It’s easy to tilt the motor head to different cutting angles of between 0 and 45 degrees, either on the left or on the right. This gives you plenty of flexibility, and should allow you to achieve just about any angled cut you require as long as you orientate it on the table correctly. Once you have the saw set up to make a cut, you’ll soon slice your way through thanks to it’s 5000 rpm cutting speed.

For the affordable price that this compound mitre saw is sold at, you’ll have definitely made a good investment when you buy it.


• Can cut at the speed of 5000 revolutions per minute
• Can be used to shape joints for wood and aluminium, both equally effectively
• For bevel cutting, you can do 80 by 32mm on the right and 120 by 55mm on the left
• Dust extraction facility makes the work process more accurate, and the clean up process quick


  • Some set up will be required before you first use it, so a bit of initial patience is required


Like any other Einhell product, the Einhell UK 4300295 is a great investment for anyone who works with wood, aluminium and steel on a small scale. For amatuer furniture makers and joiners, it’s a great choice.

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