Silverline GMC SYT210 Mitre Saw Review

This budget mitre saw features a 1400-watt motor that can be put to good use on many wood cutting jobs, and for long hours, while still working with precision thanks to a laser guidance feature that enables you to cut lengths and angles accurately. The Silverline GMC SYT210 is constructed from strong aluminium alloy and can withstand the abuse of a workshop very well, and with a blade tip coated with carbide, this too will last a long time cutting through tough wood, laminates and floorboards.

This saw provides you with a full scope of angle settings, between 0 and 45 degrees both to the left and to the right. This allows you to make many different types of joints because the angle spread gives you a lot of versatility. In addition, the handle grip is soft and comfortable giving you great control as you work.

Although this saw requires setting up, thankfully it can be done so quickly. With the laser guidance system in place, once the saw is set up, you can start cutting as soon as you switch it on, safe in the knowledge that the laser is calibrated and reliable (just as long as it stays mounted in position, so always be sure to keep an eye on this). As and when you need to change the blade, this is also a quick and simple process as thanks to the locking spindle button.

You can also connect a dust extraction bag to the extraction port, this keeps the worktable clean and protects your eyes from flying chips, since everything is drawn straight into the dust collection bag. A particularly neat feature of this saw is the ability to completely fold it down so that you can store it safely without leaving any interior or working parts exposed or without occupying too much space.

The general censorious is that this mitre saw is best suited to amateurs and DIY enthusiasts, so it isn’t up to professional jobs. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a write off because it isn’t. In fact it has some real stand out features which shouldn’t be ignored.


  • 1400-watt motor is powerful to cut through the hardest wood, although it isn’t really designed to cut metals – so do so at your peril!
  • Clamping lock to hold the work piece in place
  • 0 to 45 degrees of bevel range to the left


  • Laser sometimes goes off line with the blade thus making inaccurate cuts – not a fault of the laser per se, but a fault of the overall rigidity of the tool
  • Forward and backward movements are not always smooth and they may cause poor cuts
  • Worryingly, 45 and 90 degrees cuts just don’t seem to come off perfectly
  • There is some wobbling of the blade and the slide is not smooth, may get stuck.


There are too many worrying complaints to consider using this saw for anything too critical. Unfortunately the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ has reared its ugly head here. For fairly agricultural work at a domestic level (making pet enclosures, shelves for garages and garden sheds for instance) then this is a sound investment. For professional carpentry, leave well alone.

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