WORX WX680 F30 350W Sonicrafter Multi-Tool Review

Sometimes, a power tool hits a home run in performance. For the WORX WX680 F30 350W Sonicrafter Multi-Tool, this means achieving near perfection as perhaps the most reliable and highest performing oscillating tool available. The Sonicrafter integrates high frequency oscillating technology that prompts the blade to spin three times faster than the blades of standard oscillating tools – up to 20,000 rpm. I know what you’re thinking – does the outrageous blade speed produce vibrations that diminish cutting and sanding accuracy? The answer is a resounding no, this oscillating tool remains steady as a rock, providing you with improved precision and accuracy.

What do you get as part of the WX680 F30 350W Sonicrafter kit? For starters, you receive a 35-millimetre precision end cut blade, one sanding pad, 26 sanding sheets, and a 35-millimetre bimetal end cut blade. The Sonicrafter cuts, scrapes, saws, and grinds through a wide variety of materials including tiling, metal, and plastic. At 350 watts, this powerful oscillating tool handles all of your home improvement jobs, and allows you to save money by not having to purchase multiple tools as part of the same project. You can also use the WORX Sonicrafter in dark spaces. Simply turn on the LED headlights to see where you need to drill, screw, or slice.

WORX have eliminated the hassle of dealing with Spanners and Allen keys by fitting this tool with their proprietary Hyperlock clamping system. The Hyperlock system allows you to change accessories quickly, without needing to turn or push hand tools. With more than one ton of clamping force, this feature ensures accessories will never break free during the middle of a difficult task. Every tool has at least one minor issue that detracts from performance, but we haven’t discovered even a minor performance issue with the WX680 F30. If we were really clutching at straws we’d say it can generate above average noise, but ear defender use is imperative with any power tool anyway, so it’s almost irrelevant.


  • Highly versatile oscillating tool
  • Produces 350 watts of power
  • LED worklight for access to dark spaces
  • Blades spin three times faster than the blades attached to typical oscillating tools
  • No vibrations ensure accuracy


  • Above average noise


No other oscillating tool performs at the high level performed by the WORX WX680 F30 350W Sonicrafter Multi-Tool. From sanding wood surfaces to grinding through metal, this is a must have tool for serious do it yourself homeowners. Lack of vibrations coming from extraordinarily fast blades are a combination that’s truly hard to beat.

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WORX WX680 F30 350W Sonicrafter Multi-Tool
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