Bosch Manual Lawn Mower Review

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If your lawn is fairly small, and if you’re prepared to take the time to set it up properly, a manual mower can be just as effective if not more so than an electric or petrol equivalent. This is a high quality example from Bosch and one that will allow you to get the most from the manual mowing experience.

First off, consider the sheer convenience that a manual lawn mower provides. You don’t have to worry about messy and dirty petrol, the cost of electricity, or having a lead trailing around behind you. It’s lightweight and it’s quiet, and it can even provide lawn stripes thanks to its integral roller.

It’s important to take the time to ensure that the cutting mechanism of a cylinder mower is set up correctly, and this hand driven example is no different. The blades have to act on the corresponding cutting plate closely much like a pair of scissors, then as long as the blades are sharp they will produce a superior cut to any powered rotary blade.

As if to prove that this mower is up to the job of its powered big brothers it not only has a cutting width similar to many of them at 38cm, but also a 25 litre grass box showing just how much use it’s designed to be put through, so really the only limiting factor is the patience of the person pushing it around!


  • Low purchase cost
  • Low running cost
  • Decent cutting width and grass box capacity
  • Lightweight (7kg) and easy to push
  • Cutting height is easily adjustable, no tools required


  • Cutting the grass could laborious with this if you don’t particularly enjoy the task
  • Not suitable for large lawns


As manual lawn mowers go this mower is about as good as it gets. With the correct set up and adjustment, and of course proper care (keeping the blades properly sharpened is a must) this mower will behave exactly as promised, every time. One definite word of caution, if the setup is not correct, the blades not sharpened, and moving parts are not kept properly lubricated, it could put undue stress on the gearing mechanism that transfers power to the cutting blade causing the gears to jam and warp.

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