Flymo Powered Robotic Lawnmower Review

Flymo Robotic Mower Spec ImageTired of pushing a lawnmower around altogether regardless of whether it’s petrol, or electric? Maybe you like the idea of a ride on mower but don’t feel that you’ve got enough room to justify it. Well there maybe, just maybe an alternative, it certainly isn’t cheap but it will almost completely remove the chore of cutting the grass from your life for good. Sound like a bold statement? Not with the Flymo robotic mower.

And here, from Flymo is one of the best examples of such a mower available on the market today. It looks like something out of a Sci-fi movie, and it behaves pretty similarly too, but what are the key things mere mortals like you and I need to understand about this fancy box of wires and circuit boards before we rush ahead and buy one?

Well, first things first it’s a mower so we need to know what it can do in terms of mowing, and whether or not it mows as well as, if not better than we could do ourselves. The good news is, yes it will, and more importantly with far greater frequency than we ever would. In a single hour-long session this mower will munch its way through 30 square metres of grass, and is capable of covering an area of 400 square metres in total. If you’re wondering where the grass is stored in this machine, that’s understandable because the simple answer is, it isn’t. Instead, the idea is that it cuts a little, often. The fine cuttings from a single session simply fall onto the lawn and biodegrade.

Once you’re past the basic (and all important) mowing capability things start to get a bit more techy. Essentially, setting up this beast requires installing a perimeter cable around your lawn inside of which the mower will operate. This does flag up one drawback, in that any area of grass outside the perimeter will not be cut by the mower and will require manual strimming instead. Once the perimeter is set up the docking station positioned and installed somewhere at the edge of your lawn, it then becomes a simple task of programming the mower to operate as you wish. This could be at set times of day, for however long you wish.

Though not one of the most expensive robotic mowers available this does still have a fairly hefty price tag. If therefore you’re asking the question ‘well if it’s left unattended, won’t it be open to thieves getting their dirty hands on it?’ then fear not as this mower comes complete with an anti theft alarm and pin code lock to keep robbers firmly at bay.


  • Frees up your time to do the things you want to do, not lawn mowing
  • Keeps your lawn looking neat at all times
  • Easy to use programming system
  • Safety conscious motor will cut out if mower is lifted or turned over


  • Expensive – but not the most expensive
  • Does not completely do the job for you
  • Doesn’t create lawn stripes – if you were hoping to get your very own robotic groundskeeper, with the attention to detail of the guys who keep the pitch at Old Trafford in shape, then you could be left dissappointed. Whilst attentive, this lawn mower cannot, and will not create a beautiful striped lawn


As far as robotic mowers go, this is one of the more reasonably priced and better looking on the market, and it also has some nice features to ensure that it’s a safe and secure investment. To say that it completely takes away any need for manual intervention in tending to your lawn would probably be a statement too far, as like mentioned above there will still be times when you need to ‘tidy up around the edges’ so to speak. If you can accept that, and are keen on the idea of hands free mowing then this could be the answer.

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