McCulloch R1000 Robotic Lawn Mower Review

Budget robotic lawn mower. Those aren’t exactly words you’d expect to be strung together, and yet the McCulloch R1000 could very well be the closest thing to just that.

Granted 800 odd quid might seem like a lot, but compared to other robotic mowers this is positively bargain basement stuff. So what’s the catch?

Well for the most part the R1000, or ‘Rob’ as McCulloch have dubbed him/her, is capable of cutting with the same degree of accuracy, frequency and reliability as any other robotic mower. As is standard with Robotic mowers, it uses a perimeter wire to define the area of grass to be cut, and the ability to cut 1000 square metres makes it a suitable substitute for a garden that might otherwise require a much more expensive (and more costly to maintain) ride on lawn mower.

The only real downsides we can see are a lack of wireless connectivity to allow remote programming from your smart phone (although to be honest this is very much a nice to have at the best of times), and the absence of a weather sensor. The latter can be an issue if the mower heads out in the middle of the night in a torrential downpour and makes a mud bath of your garden (worst case scenario, granted). So if you do plan to leave it to do its thing at night, or some other time when you’re abesent, you might just want to check the weather forecast first.

Again, as is standard with robotic mowers the R1000 has a pin code lock to access the user interface and an audible alarm to deter any would be thieves, which takes care of security. As for safety the mower has a collision detection feature, and will instantly reverse the moment it makes contact with an unexpected object. So whilst there’s no risk of harm to pets or children, we wouldn’t fancy the chances of very small toys on the lawn as these might well fall below the radar so to speak. So it’s always worth making sure the lawn is clear of obstacles before the mower is scheduled to begin work.


  • Excellent value for money  – Rob performs on par with all other leading robotic mowers
  • Takes the stress out of mowing the lawn completely
  • Only real effort involved on your part is the install of the perimeter wire, which might take a couple of hours, but once it’s done it’s done for good
  • Full suite of security and safety features to give you peace of mind
  • Capable of cutting on gradients of up to 25%, so don’t write of having a robotic lawn mower just because your garden isn’t perfectly level!


  • No weather sensor to prevent the mower operating during heavy rains and storms, which could result in damage to the lawn


There’s really not a lot not to like about the R1000, the biggest drawback with robotic mowers has always been the initial cost, and problems involved finding someone with the specialist knowledge required to fix them should they malfunction at all. Whilst this certainly doensn’t fix either problem, it does at least goes some way towards trying to curb the initial cost.

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