Trueshopping Hand Push Mower Review

Trueshopping Push Mower Spec ImageOne of the cheapest push mowers on the market from one of the most humble manufacturers, this little machine has got all the features you’ll need from a hand mower. No frills thought it may be, useless it most certainly is not.

The handlebar on the Trueshopping Hand Mower is about as basic as it gets on this mower, no rubber grips of plastic moulded handles to speak of, just a bent metal tube, simple and most of all cost effective. Besides you won’t be subject to vibration like you would with a powered mower so it will be more than comfortable enough as it is.

Just like powered mowers a range of cutting heights is incorporated into the design, between 17 and 43mm to be precise, by all accounts this takes care of a whole range of different lawn finishes, from perfectly manicured to end of the season tidy up. If you’ve got the will power this mower will do it!


  • Simple cost effective design
  • Lightweight at only 9kg, almost anyway could use this
  • Solid steel body and steel cutting blade – built to last


  • Requires stamina and will power to use regularly
  • Like all cylinder mowers the blade will need care and attention, regular sharpening and attention to any dents
  • Some users have complained about the screws holding the handle together being worked loose due to vibration, so be sure to do them up good and tight, and perhaps use a bit of thread sealant for extra security!


Another smashing little mower, and like all hand push mowers the most desirable thing about it is it’s honesty, there isn’t any fancy technology to hide behind, just a solid and simple mechanism that says ‘if you treat me right I’ll do exactly what you want’, can’t really say fairer than that!

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