Webb WEH12R Hand Push Mower Review

Webb Push Mower Spec ImageNot as stripped down as other manually driven mowers, this mower more closely resembles a powered cylinder mower than a manual one, but what’s the advantage if any?

A Cylinder Push Mower With a Roller

Well this more sturdy looking structure in essence means that this mower is carrying more weight, which for the most part would be considered a disadvantage, and at 13kg it is the same sort of weight as some electric mowers. The advantage increased weight does give you however is when it comes to lawn stripes, the rollers work far better when more force is applied to them.

Quality is the name of the game here, and with ergonomically designed hand grips, and a really easy to use blade cutting height adjustment mechanism this mower trumps others in the hand mowing category


  • 18 litre grass collection bag, and cutting width of 33 cm perfect for a hand mower
  • Comfortable hand grips
  • Easy to manage blade cutting height adjustment mechanism


  • Very heavy for a hand mower, particularly difficult to manage going up slopes and banked areas
  • Like all hand mowers, elbow grease is required to get the best from this mower
  • Plastic knobs for adjusting the cutting height may not last as long as they would had they been plastic
  • Handlebars have been known to work loose, so you’ll need to make sure all screws are fastened tightly


It looks very smart and it cuts very well, but we wonder if given the non powered nature of this mower, it’s increased weight is too much of a bug bare to contend with. Other hand mowers are deliberately lightweight so as to give the user as much of a fighting chance to painlessly cut the lawn as possible, if that advantage isn’t there we wonder how useful this could really be.

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