Andrew James Halogen Patio Heater With Floating Table Review

The great thing about halogen patio heaters is that they are so much more flexible than gas heaters and this Andrew James Adjustable Patio Heater is a case in point. Without gas as fuel, this heater can be used inside or out, gives off no odours, heats up instantly and doesn’t make much noise to speak of.

The height of this patio heater can be adjusted between 1.6m and 2.1m, allowing for use in a range of spaces and for more focused heating in the colder winter months. While this may not blast out heat with quite the same vengeance as a powerful gas heater does, it will certainly make summer and autumn evenings last longer and winter afternoons warm.

The centre table is the same brushed aluminium as the body of the heater and makes for a useful addition to this elegant patio heater. The heavy, solid base means you can trust this heater to stay where you put it without fear of it falling over and yet, it’s still significantly lighter than gas patio heaters. This means you can move it inside and out without needing a team of strongmen.

Not only does this Andrew James patio heater radiate a warming heat as you recline with your freshly barbecued skewers, it also emits a pleasant warm light that illuminates a wide area. This further plus of an electric versus gas heater makes this a good choice for small patios or conservatories.


  • Looks classic and stylish
  • Adjustable height
  • Centre table for resting those all important drinks!


  • May not be warm enough for very cold weather


While electric heaters are never going to produce the sheer amount of heat that a gas heater will, in many circumstances they are much more useful. This stainless steel patio heater is fast and easy to assemble upon delivery and has a 3 metre cable that can be plugged in straight away if indoors but will require an extension cord if outside. Without the hassle of lugging around and changing gas cylinders, it’s easy to see why so many people have been converted to halogen.

With the adjustable height and centre table, this patio heater will provide enjoyment through the summer evenings and even mild winters. The price is quite high but the design is good and it should keep going for years.

Before completely deciding on a halogen patio heater, it’s important to remember that this one may have a long lamp life that should last you years but you could well need an electrician to change the bulb. It’s a small price to pay, especially as this electric heater is considerably cheaper to run than a gas heater, but it is worth remembering.

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