Fire Mountain Electric Parasol Heater Review

This folding electric parasol heater is perfect for those who like to spend spring, summer and autumn evenings outside eating and chatting and don’t want the hassle or gas consumption of the larger, more powerful patio heaters.

Although a tad reminiscent of office fans, this three-paddle heater affixes to the underside of your existing parasol and secures to the pole. Unlike some umbrella patio heaters, this one actually folds down along the pole so you don’t have to remove it every time you close the parasol.

With a 2kW output, this heater will warm those sitting around the table below but nothing further out than that. This makes it ideal for dinners outside and small family barbecues. While it does emit a decent amount of heat, it probably won’t be enough for chilling winds or particularly cold winter days.

Super lightweight and incredibly easy to attach and use, this parasol patio heater is good value for money. It can either live under the parasol, down or up, or can easily and quickly be brought inside, thus extending its life when protected from the elements.

The light that the heater emits is very bright and does away with the need for an extra table light. Unfortunately it doesn’t come with variable settings, but the 2kW output shouldn’t be too hot.


• Modern looks
• Heats the table well in mild and cool weather
• Folds down along parasol pole
• Easy to set up


• Doesn’t emit a particularly great amount of heat


This heater is ideal for family meals and because it folds down, it’s so easy to use and store without having to remove it from the parasol. Much more efficient and cost-effective than gas fuelled heaters, this electric parasol heater won’t shock your electricity bill and will extend those autumn nights.

The main downside is that it’s not very attractive during the day and turned off. Still, if you didn’t like it when not in use you can always remove it at the flick of a switch, fold it up and store it elsewhere. The 3 metre cable isn’t long enough for most patios and you’ll probably require an extension cord to reach a house plug socket.

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Fire Mountain Electric Parasol Heater

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