Fire Mountain Ceiling Halogen Patio Heater Double Review

For those wanting some extra heat in a summerhouse, garden workshop or under a gazebo, why go to the bother of hauling around a gas heater or freestanding electric heater when you just hang this up and be done with it? Furthermore heaters of this type are the best outdoor heaters for pets like cats and dogs, as there’s no chance of them knocking it over and causing any potential danger.

With an output of 1.5kW this heater isn’t going to keep a party going outside in December but it’ll definitely make a parasol or gazebo a warmer place to eat in the cool summer and autumn evenings. The double heat setting is usually necessary and any setting or heater weaker than this would be too insubstantial.

One of the most attractive things about this hanging halogen heater is the look. It’s unobtrusive and elegant without the ugliness of more floodlight-styled heat lamps. Its ease of use is another attractive feature and because it can be quickly brought in and stored when not in use, it’s liable to stay in good condition much longer than heavy and difficult to move patio heaters.

The price is the only real downside here because although this is a neat and stylish machine, it just doesn’t emit enough heat to be a really popular choice and the price doesn’t reflect that.


  • Good for heating and lighting summerhouses and sheds
  • Looks elegant
  • Lightweight and easy to store


  • Doesn’t emit much heat
  • Cable isn’t long enough to reach most plug sockets
  • Fairly expensive


This patio heater is fantastic for a specific need and not so useful for other environments. If you’re looking for a small heater for a small gazebo, summer house or even to hang over a conservatory table, this is an excellent choice. It’s efficient, doesn’t draw too much electricity so won’t rack up the bills, and it looks pretty and modern. What’s not to love?

If you’re looking for something to heat a group of people standing around a barbecue, you’ll need to look to bigger and more powerful heaters. If you look after this heater well then the price isn’t too much of a drag, certainly not when you’re eeking out the autumn hours outside and putting off fetching a bigger jumper. For a family or couple who like to eat outside under a gazebo, this would make a nice addition.

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