Firefly 1.8KW Slimline Carbon Fibre Patio Heater Review

Firefly seems to specialise in patio heaters that look more interesting and attractive than the norm and while this one isn’t groundbreaking, it definitely looks like it means business. For a low powered patio heater, this one actually works reasonably well.

Using a carbon fibre heating element, this Slimline Patio Heater from Firefly has two heat settings, 900W and 1.8kW. Without needing any time to heat up, this patio heater is hot as soon as you turn it on and has no need for gas or much maintenance of any kind.

Rust-proof aluminium and weather-resistant, you can leave this outside in reasonable weather and it will even sense a person’s body heat and switch on when someone approaches and switch off when they leave! A further feature is the tip-over safety feature; the heater will automatically turn off if it senses it’s not upright.

Thanks to being electric rather than gas, this heater is not only far more efficient on the energy bills but is also completely safe to use indoors and in enclosed spaces, as well as outside. This makes it great for summerhouses, gazebos and conservatories as well as pub gardens an other commercial outside spaces.

While it may not have a huge heat distribution range compared to a much higher powered gas heater, it’s lightweight, slimline and easy to move around and store. It’s great for warming people sat down at tables or benches, perfect for conservatories in winter and will allow you and your family to stay out much later in the cool summer evenings.


  • Looks modern and sleek
  • Lightweight and very easy to move and store
  • Efficient and warm
  • Cheap to run


  • Not hot enough for winter outside
  • Expensive


For an all round patio heater that is great outside in every month but winter and can be used inside in those freezing months, this Firefly Slimline model is ideal. It’s expensive but very flexible in use and an excellent height for people both seated and standing.

Rust-proof and highly durable, this patio heater should be warming your toes for years to come, and you never need to worry about changing a gas bottle or trying to light it. Firefly can be hit and miss with their products and while this is nearer the top of their range, it’s really a hit.

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Firefly 1.8KW Slimline Carbon Fibre Patio Heater
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