Firefly 2KW Free Standing Patio Heater Review

When looking at buying a patio heater, you first need to assess the space you want to heat and the temperatures you’re going to be using it in. For those who want to heat a conservatory, garden workshop or small patio, this one should meet your needs without the faff of gas.

Because this patio heater is electric, it’s not only suited for the outdoors but it’s also completely safe for indoor use as well and comes complete with a cable and plug socket, making it easy for anyone to install.

With an adjustable height (174.5cm – 210cm) combined with three temperature settings (650W, 1350W and 2000W), this patio heater will provide enough warmth for enjoyable evenings in the summer and autumn. Unlike larger, gas powered patio heaters, this electric heater doesn’t have the power to heat large spaces but if it’s just small areas you use, the price is definitely worth it.

No electric outdoor infrared heater review would be complete without stating the further bonus over a gas heater that there’s no need to wait for the bulbs to heat up, it’s hot within an instant and has up to 2500 hours of lamp life. The lamp even produces a bright, glowing light, removing the need for excess patio lighting.

To give this lamp an extra edge of flexibility, the heater head can be adjusted by 45 degrees to ensure that the heat and light is pointing the way you need. In smaller outside and inside spaces, this patio heater truly has the flexibility for a cosy winter and to keep the chill off late into summer nights.

While a benefit to this electric heater is that is cannot be blown out by draughts or wind, in areas of cold wind it may not be powerful enough to warm the area substantially. This heater is best for sheltered patios, conservatories and garden workshops.

The 3 metre lead length will also require an extension lead in most cases, as 1.5 metres of cord runs down from the lamp head to the ground. While this shouldn’t be a problem inside, care should be taken to ensure the plug is somewhere dry when outside, and of course the use of an RCD is imperative.


  • Safe to use inside and outside
  • Three power settings
  • Produces light as well as heat
  • Great price


  • Probably not powerful enough for outside in the coldest months
  • Short electrical cable requiring extension lead


Although not powerful enough to be too warming outside in the depths of winter, this halogen lamp can be used inside conservatories and sheds when it’s freezing outside. In the spring, summer and autumn months, it’s a great outside companion.

With a sleek black steel pole and a wide, solid base, this patio heater will suit anybody’s style and is easy to assemble right out of the box. Without the faff of gas, this heater will be a safe addition to your autumnal barbecues without having to shell out hundreds.

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