Garden Outdoor Table Top Patio Heater Review

For those who don’t need a full height free standing patio heater but still want to enjoy dinner outside at any time of the year, this tabletop model could be the perfect compromise.

At a height of 88cm, this tabletop patio heater is the ideal height to be safely used with a range of adjustable heat settings to suit the time of day and year. Easy to assemble straight out of the box, this heater can be sitting on your patio table as your eat, the same evening as delivery.

With an adjustable 1kW – 4kW output compared to larger, freestanding gas heater 13kW output, this small tabletop version uses considerably much less gas than its larger counterparts. This makes it much more economical without compromising personal heating as the flame will be closer down

Small gas canisters are easy to use with this tabletop heater and the hose will lead easily to the ground where you can keep the gas out of the way. Unlike larger heaters, which heat tables unevenly from the side, this small model allows for centre placement and thus even heat distribution, perfect for group meals.

Because this heater is so small it should be useable in well-ventilated gazebos giving it more flexibility than the larger gas patio heaters and making it easier to use than electric heaters that inevitably need cables leading back to your house. The smooth silver surface suits any table and patio and you’ll quickly find yourself quite at home with your new heater.

Compatible with propane or butane, small canisters allow you to quickly understand the fuel usage after you’ve finished the first canister. This means that you can budget for your gas requirements and manage your use whilst electric heaters could be racking up bills without you knowing.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Sits in the centre of picnic and garden tables
  • Ideal for a family at dinner time
  • Adjustable and powerful


  • Short electrical cable


For those who enjoy eating outside all year around but don’t need the commitment or size of standard 7ft gas heaters, this is an excellent choice. You can control the heat and stay warm on the coldest of days and the size of the patio heater makes it easy to move around and store in garages or sheds when not in use.

It’s so easy to plan to eat out in the garden on an autumnal evening, but when dinner’s ready you poke your head out and feel a chill. With this heater you can extend your days of al fresco dining without needing more than a jumper and it’s as easy to take outside and set up as that bottle of wine you tuck under your arm.

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