Hausen 9.5kW Pyramid Real Flame Patio Gas Heater Review

Outdoor propane heater reviews might be of less interest to you if you’re firmly in the ‘electric’ camp, but hear us out – if you’re looking for a patio heater that looks like it’s wandered out of Grand Designs then you may have found the right one with this particular gas heater. While it’s not the most powerful patio heater on the market, it certainly looks the business.

This heater is designed to look wonderful and it certainly does the job. With space for a 15kg gas bottle inside, it sits securely on the ground and provides a good amount of warmth on a cool summer, spring or autumn evening. While it has a 9.5kW energy output, it may not cut it in the coldest months of the year without the deflector design of more classic heaters.

Aside from the beauty of this patio heater, the other most notable thing is sadly that it takes a good while and a lot of lateral thinking to assemble it in the first place. If you’re up for a puzzle and a bit of elbow grease though, you’ll be rewarded with the snazziest patio heater in the neighbourhood.

The gas canister can be stored inside out of view and as it can hold up to 15kg of gas, you shouldn’t have to replace it too often if you’re only using it for a couple of hours a night.


  • Looks awesome
  • Large flame heats and offers more light than most gas patio heaters
  • Can take 15kg canister of gas


  • Takes a long time to assemble
  • Doesn’t direct heat at all and much is lost to the sky
  • Heavy at 30kg without gas


At 2.2m tall, this pyramid patio heater gives off an immediately impressive look when its flame is roaring happily away. It would be a great addition to a late summer night where not too much heat is required but it would struggle to keep people warm in the depths of winter.

If you’re looking for an attractive heater that warms and gives the patio or commercial space an inviting look in spring, summer and autumn, this is a great purchase. It’s durable and easy to use once assembled and while the price is high, it’s not exactly a run-of-the-mill heater.

If you’re looking for some serious heat because you like February barbecues however, the 9.5kW just aren’t enough when there’s no deflector. Look elsewhere if you’re liable to get too cold to be outside enjoying the look of this heater.

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