Heatmaster U3 Popular 2kW Umbrella Patio Heater Review

This Heatmaster patio heater has completely done away with the need to have a huge freestanding heater in your garden and has focused on the heat side of things. Attaching neatly to your garden parasol pole, this quad set of infrared heat lamps work easily to keep you warm whatever time of year.

Designed to fit parasol poles of 25mm to 50mm, this heater should suit most existing equipment. Each of the four lamps is individually adjustable, allowing for directed heat and even heat distribution around a typical patio table.

In cool summer evenings and colder evenings in spring and autumn, these lights will keep everyone around the table cosy even though the output is just 2kW. While they won’t have much affect outside the table limits or in particularly cold environments, for most pleasant evenings outside they will be ideal.

The placement underneath a parasol means this umbrella patio heater acts as a light as well as a heater and can be used in enclosed spaces as well as outside. The lamps are durable and long lasting, much more efficient than comparable output gas heaters.

The 3 metre electrical cord isn’t usually long enough to reach back into the house and it would probably need to be connected to an extension cord first. While this is a slight downside, it’s also standard practice for these types of patio heaters. With no emissions, no need to refill any heavy gas bottle and still very warm, it’s a small price to pay for the ease of electricity.


  • Should fit your existing parasol pole
  • Adjustable angle to lamps
  • More efficient than gas


  • Expensive
  • Not particularly attractive, in fact it’s positively agricultural in appearance
  • Only powerful enough to heat a standard table in cool weather rather than very cold


This four-lamp electric patio heater is ideally suited to families and friends who like to sit outside to eat the second winter has departed. It’s incredibly easy to install and only needs a plug socket (or possibly extension lead) to get going. It’s efficient and safe and can be used outside or inside.

While it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing heater in the world, it’s a lot simpler to own than a huge freestanding gas heat or even the large freestanding electrical heaters. Because it utilises already existing equipment, i.e. your garden parasol, it’s easier to store and gives off a much more even heat to a table than a standing version.

This patio heater is on the pricy side but it’s considerably easier to look after than freestanding models of gas or electricity and with its sturdy aluminium construction it should be keeping you warm for years

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