Ryobi RCS4240B Petrol Chainsaw Review

If there is a chainsaw that performs above and beyond its specifications, it has to be the Ryobi RCS4240B 42cc. This unique model is specially designed to be effective and efficient at tackling all kinds of tree felling and landscape sculpting tasks. From pruning trees to felling small trees, this chainsaw will do everything it can to meet the expectations of the user.

This model uses superior engine technology to beat CE CO emission limits by over 65% and CE HC+Nox emission standards by 14%. Pretty impressive you’ll no doubt agree, and crucially of course it means this is about as environmentally friendly a chainsaw as you could hope to own. It’s full crank engine delivers an extraordinary power to weight ratio with high torque, and at just 4.7 kg in weight, exceptional performance hasn’t compromised making it easy for the user to handle and carry this chainsaw at all.

A powerful 2-stroke 42cc engine, a fuel pump, and a 2-position carburettor makes the process of starting and using the RCS4240B 42cc fast and almost effortless. For comfort and reduction of strain during extended use, the chainsaw features a 3 -point anti-vibration solution, thereby putting any fears you might have about vibration induced trauma to rest.

With a chain speed of 23.8 m/s, this chainsaw offers very powerful, accurate, and fast cutting – just make sure you are comfortable with that kind of power in your hands! The chain and bar of this chainsaw are always lubricated with the aid of an automatic lubrication system, and this ensures that one can use this machine for extended period without the risk of downtime caused by dry chain, or indeed any damage to the engine. A chain brake with instant reaction ensures that you remain safe when dangerous actions such as a kickback occur. The fact that you do not need to have tools for chain tensioning makes this convenient and economical machine that you can grab and use at a moments notice without having to fumble around looking for spanners and allen keys.


  • At just 5kg this is one of the best lightweight gas chainsaws
  • Smooth adjustment process and easy overall handling
  • Extended operation time of up to two hours
  • Chain can be easily removed for sharpening purposes
  • Minimal emmisions produced


  • It features some plastic parts that do not provide durability as they may fall apart after being clipped together


Very few petrol chainsaws compete with the Ryobi RCS4240B. It’s powerful, affordable, and efficient, making it the most convenient chainsaw for any large scale wood application expert or a small scale domestic user. Whether you want to cut logs for your wood burner or fell small trees, you can trust in this model to get the job done

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