Trueshopping ‘Raptor 45’ Petrol Chainsaw Review

The Raptor 45 chainsaw is a perfect choice for anything from simple residential jobs to heavy agricultural projects. With a robust 49cc 2-stroke air cooled petrol engine as the brains behind it, the Raptor 45 is ready for anything. This high-quality chainsaw is fitted with an 18 inch long high-quality Oregon chain, a professional size chain bar that enables the saw to perform all conceivable duties with a balanced mix of efficiency and accuracy. The oil system has an automatic pump for optimal lubrication and longevity, and thanks to a fuel tank with a capacity of 550 ml and an oil tank capacity of 260 ml, you can confidently run the chainsaw for as long as you might hope to, safe in the knowledge it will keep running smoothly.

The chainsaw which measures 7.5 kg features a chain catcher, a throttle trigger lockout, spike bumper, chain brake, and an anti-vibration device to ensure that the user is not only guaranteed of a safe, secure, and comfortable experience, but also gets high-quality results each time the chainsaw is used. What’s more, it also features front and rear hand guards to maximize on safety and to offer more control and stability. To ensure a simple and secure starting procedure, it has a primer bulb, which will hopefully eliminate some of the frustration that tends to accompany the use of petrol driven tools.

For optimum performance, you should use the supplied mixing bottle to make sure that the oil/petrol mix ratio remains 25:1. Alongside the mixing bottle the Raptor 45 also comes with a guide bar,  chain guard, a toolkit, and user manual. The manual provides detailed instructions and guides you on the proper assembly, usage and maintenance procedures of the chainsaw, which can sometimes be the Achilles heal with many lesser known brands of power tool, so this is definitely worth a mention.


  • Durable
  • High performing machine
  • Can tackle hard cutting tasks and small tree felling tasks
  • Easy and safe starting
  • Ergonomic features
  • Clear instructions supplied


  • Slightly heavier in weight as compared to other comparable brands
  • Requires use of standard oil/petrol ratio which has to be carefully mixed


The Raptor 45 blends superior user centred elements and well engineered design to deliver outstanding results each time it is used. From large scale clearing tasks to minor pruning projects, this chainsaw is reliable and durable to handle any job you have at hand.

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Trueshopping 'Raptor 45' Petrol Chainsaw Review
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