Echo Hedge Trimmers Reviewed

Echo Hedge Trimmers for Perfect Garden Hedges

ECHO Inc. has introduced Japanese precision to their trimmer range. Having manufactured trimmers for quite some time, the company has used that know-how to come up with intricate designs that make working in the garden quick and efficient. This Echo hedge trimmer review will concentrate on two tools, the long reach ECHO HCA 265 ES, and a standard reach variant of the range, the ECHO HCR 1501.

When it comes to the ECHO HCA 265, the ES stands for “Easy Start”, and that feature stands out as soon as you try this tool. The company promises that, compared to other trimmers in the range, you only need to apply about 66% of the usual force to start this one. The blade is rotatable to 120 degrees, which is particularly handy when you are trying to trim the top of a tall hedge.

Echo has made vast improvements in engine performance. Some past models didn’t really have the strongest engines, and were simply not cut out for big workloads. This tool is different. The HCA 265 ES features a 25.4 cc two-stroke engine that provides more than enough power to trim large areas.

The handle is well designed and comfortable to grip thanks to its comfort rubber. The tool’s maximum length is 6.9 feet, providing plenty of reach to get to even the highest of hedges. The controls are ergonomically sound and easy to understand, and the vibration-isolating feature reduces operator fatigue. There is also built-in 3-stage heavy-duty air filter, which increases the tool’s durability by preventing water damage.

When it comes to the potential downsides of this Echo hedge trimmer, balance is certainly an issue. The ECHO HCA 265 ES is a little bit bottom heavy, but if you use a blade of around 17-18 inches, this is unlikely to be a problem. Balance becomes an issue when you put a longer blade on the machine.


  • Powerful engine with good durability
  • Rotatable to 120 degrees
  • Great cutting length
  • Easy to lift
  • Ergonomically sound controls
  • Laser cut and precision blades


  • A little bit bottom-heavy

The ECHO HCA 265 ES is great for tougher jobs, like trimming hard-to-reach hedges or jobs requiring serious blade rotation.

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While the ECHO HCA 265 ES can be used for larger jobs and even by professional gardeners, the ECHO HCR-1501 is more of an entry-level model. This short reach trimmer is powered by a 21.1cc engine capable of a 0.58kW output. The blade is a double-reciprocating trimmer, unsuitable for denser hedge plants. As an entry-level trimmer it’s quite good. If you are a professional or a devoted hobby gardener, you should look for a better model.

While this is not a professional-level gardening tool, there are plenty of positives to mention. For starters, this machine has excellent balance. It is also light, only weighing about 10 pounds, and the controls are simple. If you are looking for an entry-level model to use in huge areas or on denser hedge plants, the weight really does matter. The blades are double-sided reciprocating laser cut blades, a standard with ECHO.

Reduced vibration is also a major advantage. If you are using this tool for smaller jobs and on hedge plants with an average density, it should serve you well, and the blades are pretty durable.. The smart exhaust design is another strong point of the machine.

The HCR-1501 is very efficient in protecting both the hedge and the operator from the exhaust gases. In addition, the machine has a vertical fuel neck that makes the refueling process significantly easier. The cutting length is 1.6 feet, which is about average for a short reach trimmer like the HCR-1501.


  • Compact design
  • A very efficient blade
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent balance
  • Laser cut for great precision
  • New exhaust design with better protection
  • Very easy to refuel


  • Not ideal for hedge trimming enthusiasts or professionals

The ECHO HCR-1501 is a solid entry-level solution from the Japanese company. If you have a small to medium-sized garden with light hedge plants, this model is an ideal solution for you. Professionals, on the other hand, should probably keep looking.

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