Gtech Petrol Hedge Trimmer Review

There’s absolutely no doubt that choosing the right hedge trimmer for your needs is an important decision, after all you don’t want to be left in a position where the trimmer you choose isn’t up to the job. This petrol trimmer from Gtech will offer you a well-balanced, durable solution. Like other petrol hedge trimmers, there’s a lot of power on offer here, power that gets the job done more quickly and with less effort than an electric trimmer.

Features of the Gtech Petrol Hedge Trimmer

  • Low vibration design allows precise movements so that you can trim your hedges just the way you want them to, without the distraction or discomfort of vibration
  • A fully adjustable rear handle to allow for ease of operation, and the ability to trim in a variety of positions and scenarios. Whether you need to position it horizontally, vertically, on the side or top of the hedge, this has it covered
  • The blades are made of hardened steel and are razor sharp for maximum efficiency. It’s also worth noting that the blades are double sided to increase the speed of cutting
  • The 22.5cc dual-stroke engine uses the latest technology to reduce the resistance on the starter cord and to make it easier to start- worth knowing as we all know how much of a pain the starter cord can be!


  • With no cables holding you back, this is the ideal trimmer for larger gardens
  • The toolkit and fuel mixing bottles are included with the trimmer, making maintenance and day to day running pain free
  • The double blades will help in easy maneuvering of the trimmer for achieving professional looking results from your trimming efforts
  • All the exhaust gases vent away from you while the trimmer is operational, making it more pleasant to use than trimmers that have their exhaust port in a less sensible position
  • Features proper safety measures such as a front hand guard, a cutter guard and also a throttle starting lock for security reasons
  • The dual action of the double blades ensures that vibration is minimal, great from both a comfort and precision perspective


  • It is heavy and so requires you to use a lot of energy and strength to hold and move the trimmer during operation


Whether your hedging is formal or you keep it wild to create a natural look, and trim just to keep it tidy, this trimmer will be the perfect asset for you. All the right boxes are ticked here, from the fully adjustable rear handle, to the inclusion of a toolkit. This trimmer will serve you well for years to come just as long as you give it a little care and attention in return.

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