Stihl HS45 Petrol Hedge Trimmer Review

Trim with Confidence with the Stihl HS45 Hedge Trimmer

If you’re serious about trimming shrubbery, you’d want a hedge trimmer that inspires confidence with neat and effortless cuts. This is not unlike clipping and trimming a person’s hair with a clipper. It’s a serious endeavor, and you’d want a serious power tool for the sure-handed results. Only when you’re confident in the ability and quality of the tool that you feel at ease using itto achieve what you have in mind. The Stihl HS45 petrol-powered hedge trimmer is one example of such a tool.

For this Stihl petrol hedge trimmer review, the HS45 is equipped with a 24-inch blade. There are two options of double-sided reciprocating blade: 24-inch and 18-inch. In terms of overall performance the 18-inch blade cuts with better control but with the 24-inch blade you can cut more in one go and reach things that are harder to get at. The engine is the ever dependable Stihl 27.2cc petrol engine rated at 0.75kW and 3,700 strokes per minute.

Normally before one gets to use a petrol hedge trimmer, he would have to deal with some fussy starting issues first. Not so much with the Stihl HS45. Hit the fuel pump button to send just the right amount of fuel to the carburetor and then you’ll be able to get the engine to start right up. Follow the instruction manual for more info. It’s quite simple, andit doesn’t jerk much at all upon startup.

When you put this hedge trimmer to use, you’ll notice the great balance of the tool even as you change your grip on the front handle. It’s easy to keep the blade steady as it cuts neatly and cleanly every time. The Stihl HS45 is fitted with anti-vibration dampers in strategic places to reduce shock to hands and arms while operating. The extra-long life air filter is easily accessible and works for a good while between cleaning.


  • High performance power hedge trimmer. 3700 strokes per minute for super fast and clean cutting.
  • Ability to handle thicker shrubs.
  • Lighter than its closest competitors.
  • Equipped with front hand guard and cutter guard.
  • See-through upright fuel tank for easy monitoring of fuel level.
  • The sterling reputation of Stihl.


  • Like all small petrol-powered tools, a little practice on how to start it up goes a long way. Once you got it, you’d be able to get it started every time.
  • The price is above average, but still affordable.
  • Despite the anti-vibration system, your hands will feel the effect after extended use. Best to limit use to half a petrol tank at a time.
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