Efco SA 3000 Petrol Leaf Blower Review

The professional grade hand-held leaf blower manufactured by Efco does a great job of clearing leaves and other debris that collects on your lawn. Operating on the highest specifications, the Efco SA3000 30.5 cc Petrol Leaf Blower generates a jet of air that approaches 700 m³/h. The powerful jet reduces the amount of time spent finishing a lawn care project. Although Efco designed the leaf blower for large residential properties, the machine operates just as effectively on commercial plots. The very low noise level keeps your neighbors happy, as you can blow leaves well past dark and not disturb anyone on the block. The reliable engine starts in all types of weather conditions.

In addition to the powerful jet, this leaf blower operates on a powerful 305cc two-stroke engine that lasts 10 times the life spans of lower priced petrol leaf blowers. Something this powerful must place a lot of stress on your arms, back, and shoulders. The fact is the Efco SA 3000 30.5 cc Petrol Leaf Blower possesses an ergonomically friendly design that balances the weight across your body. Low vibrations create a comfortable leaf blower that allows you to complete jobs uninterrupted.

Efco claims the leaf blower presents no weight issues, but many customers beg to differ. In fact, the biggest problem with the Efco SA 3000 30.5 cc Petrol Leaf Blower lies with the heavy materials used to construct the machine. Moreover, the company claim that the leaf blower allows users to work with one hand seems a bit preposterous. Users love the efficency of the leaf blower, but the weight of the machine increases the time spent blowing leaves.


·        Powerful two-stroke engine

·        Generates a powerful jet blast

·        Low vibrations

·        Design balances weight across body

·        Very low noise level


·        Too heavy for some users


The combination of a powerful engine and air flow unit makes this leaf blower appear to be a no brainer for your lawn care equipment inventory. Lack of vibrations and low noise levels works great for both you and your neighbors. The design of the machine balances weight across your body. Therein lies the only issue with the leaf blower. The heavy materials used to manufacture the leaf blower produce a heavy machine that some users can’t handle.

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