GTech Petrol Leaf Blower Review

G Tech petrol leaf blowerAs one of the smaller petrol blowers on the market, weighing only 2.7kg it has to be said this is impressive in its overall utility around the garden. It’s also great value for money at around the £120 mark, which isn’t much for a 2 in 1 tool packed into a small user friendly package.

Instead of having to support the nozzle with one hand and the body of the product with the other, you can effortlessly aim and manoeuvre the whole Gtech blower with just one arm. It makes reaching into gutters very easy as well as getting in-between plants. The nozzle is quite thin at the end so you won’t need to worry about a large range blow destroying flowers and other scenery.

The handle is in a centralised position, as are all the settings. The advantage with this being that you can switch between modes as you work and not have to worry about losing balance or control. This is essential with all power tools, as safety should be your number one priority.

Suction is very good in vac mode with this blower, complimented by the mulching blades which can reduce the leaves into a smaller volume. This is a great option for those of you who want to use the remaining contents for compost or simply don’t want to take up so much room in the bin when throwing away.

In terms of blowing, it could be more powerful. You might find yourself having trouble shifting wet leaves, and might need to take several passes to clear them out of the way.


• Cost effective
• Very small, good for storage purposes
• Rigid nozzle making it effortless to control at all times
• Efficient shredding capabilities


• Not overly powerful on blow setting


For the price, the Gtech blower is definitely a good little tool to pick up. It provides you with mobility and control allowing you to clear the garden or driveway with ease. Afterwards, it also saves you time shredding at a decent ratio, so it can go straight into the compost heap or bin afterwards without taking up too much room.

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