Ryobi RBL42BP 52cc Petrol Backpack Blower-Vac Review

If you’re someone who owns their own garden business, this product would suit your needs perfectly. If you  often have to clear wide, open areas packed with leaves this is also the ideal choice for such heavy duty requirements.

Firstly, 8kg is actually remarkably light for a piece of kit such as this, in fact there are electric hand held blowers on the market that only come in at a kilo or two less than this. So having this sort of wight distributed across both shoulders shouldn’t cause any issues, indeed users who have operated this extensively for over an hour haven’t reported experiencing any kind of back strain whatsoever. The straps are comfortable too, which people often don’t think about but it does make a difference.

Now, the power of this thing sits at around 300km/h in terms of blowing – so we’re talking F1 car speed! You won’t have issues with stones, twigs or wet leaves.  Whilst there is usually one piece of waste that remains immovable when using most blowers, this unsurprisingly encounters no such problems.

Conveniently this blower comes all as one piece so you don’t need to put it together and there are no fiddly bits that waste your time or that could be assembled incorrectly. It can be taken wherever you go and you don’t need to spend ages setting it up to get out there and start working. That said, there have undeniably been a few complaints with regard to manufacturing quality with this blower, with some people stating that despite it’s impressive performance there are a few niggly issues such as electrical faults that cause undue frustration.

The price is quite high, but you get what you pay for. This isn’t a tool for small gardens and should really only be considered for high maintenance gardens or spaces and/or professional grade work. At the same time it’s simple enough to operate, so even first timers will be able to use it.


• Extremely powerful
• Lightweight, can use for long periods of time


• The price makes this a heavy investment


We can’t fault the quality of this product. Even though there are cheaper alternatives out there, you won’t regret buying this item at all. The shear power it can put out, while still remaining comfortable on your back is incredible. Definitely the best backpack leaf blower on the market currently.

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Ryobi RBL42BP 52cc Petrol Backpack Blower-Vac
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