Stihl BG86 Petrol Leaf Blower Review

Over the past few years, leaf blower technology has evolved from machines that simply blow leaves to the side of a property to multi-dimensional powerhouses that also mulch and vacuum. Sadly, the Stihl BG86 Leaf Blower remains stuck in the past, as this lawn care machine has only the capability to blow leaves around your lawn. This means you have to spend additional time and money to crush leaves into fine dust that turns into compost. Moreover, this leaf blower doesn’t include an operating mode that clears unwanted things from your garden.

The Stihl BG86 Leaf Blower has some other faults as well. A poorly designed protective cover succumbs to impact and moisture damage. If you inadvertently blow a solid object as light as a pebble, you can expect this leaf blower to incur dent damage upon impact. The leaf blower doesn’t perform well in hot and humid conditions, as the petrol drive engine has the tendency to overheat and thus, render the leaf blower ineffective. Many users lament the heavyweight materials used to construct the leaf blower, making it cumbersome to drag around the lawn. Heavy leaf blowers have the potential to create ergonomic nightmares that cause arm, back, and shoulder pain.

Strong power represents the upside of the BG86. The leaf blower features a low-emission, petrol powered engine that rarely vibrates. Flat and round nozzle attachments give users the flexibility to perform a wide variety of leaf blowing jobs. The soft grip handle ensures you never have to worry about blisters forming halfway through a lengthy leaf-blowing project. Enjoy the cruise control feature that allows you to operate the machine with less pressure placed on the handle. The easy to pull start tool eliminates the frustration of a sputtering leaf blower.


·        Two nozzle attachment options

·        Powerful petrol engine

·        Cruise control

·        Soft grip handle


·        One-dimensional operating system

·        Protective cover susceptible to damage

·        Overheats in hot and humid weather conditions

·        Too much pressure placed on body


With the leaf blower market full of multi-purpose machines, it makes no sense to spend money on a leaf blower that does only one thing: blow leaves. You can find affordable leaf blower options that give you the capability to mulch leaves and clear your garden of unwanted debris. Moreover, leaf blowers that overheat have no place in a homeowner or lawn care company equipment shed.

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