Timbertech BELS01 Petrol Leaf Blower Vacuum

Timbertech BELS01 Petrol Leaf Blower VacuumIn many respects this blower is worth buying simply for the price. If you don’t have a lot to invest on a new blower you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the quality in comparison to more expensive models. I spent nearly £500 on my old model and it recently broke, this was a fifth of the price and still had the same power as most heavy duty blowers.

250km/h velocity puts the Timbertech BELS01 among the most powerful blowers. It will make short work of any garden/driveway and though it’s a fifth of the price of some equivilent blowers, that doesn’t mean it feels as though it’s about to shake itself to pieces!

The only issues are with the sucking or disposal mechanisms. The bag itself it quite small at only 35L and may well require an empty half way through. Also the material it’s composed of is quite thin and prone to ripping. It only takes a few rogue thorns and twigs left laying around to create a few holes. It may be worth buying a few replacement bags in anticipation of this if your garden is full of sharp debris.

For a petrol garden vac this is very light at only 6kg and the handle is nicely placed for working at a range of different angles. This means you can reach over your head and clear out gutters and other awkward places without worrying about crumbling under the weight. Whether you use the strap or not is up to you, but be warned if you do it’s quite thin and can become tiresome on the shoulders.


• Very cheap for the quality it provides
• The power rivals more expensive models
• Lightweigh


• Quite a small bag for collecting debris
• Thin shoulder strap that isn’t the most comfortable


This isn’t the best petrol leaf blower but we have no complaints overall, given the price. It’s certainly better at blowing than on the vacuum setting so if this is your only purpose for it we would highly recommend it. If you wish to make compost or have a lot of shredding to do, it might be worth shopping around a bit more.

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Timbertech BELS01 Petrol Leaf Blower Vacuum
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