Wolf 200 BAR, 3000psi Heavy Duty Petrol Pressure Washer Review


The Wolf 200 bar Heavy Duty Petrol pressure washer is among the best pressure washers on the market. As you might have guessed from the title, this is a petrol-run washer, making it ideal for use in places without mains electricity, not to mention being far more powerful than an electrically powered pressure washer.

This model is powered by a 6.5HP 4 stroke petrol engine, and that makes it really powerful compared to other petrol operated washers, and it being 4 stroke it should last for years providing you look after it. As far as the business end goes, this washer is capable of pumping out at a rate of 8 liters per minute – enough to blast any amount of dirt from the surface being cleaned.

200 bar of pressure is more than enough to do almost any cleaning job and that is what makes this Wolf pressure washer very efficient. Its wheels will run on any kind of terrain, even on very rough surfaces, so even if you need to access a remote corner of a field to clean a piece of farm machinery, you still stand a fighting chance!

Wolf have also taken the liberty of fitting a thermal relief regulator and an automatic low oil level shutdown which will stop the washer working if the oil is at its lowest. Yet more great features to extend the working life of the washer.

To tailor to specific washing tasks the heavy-duty lance has 4 quick fit nozzles – 0, 15, 40 degrees as well as a special nozzle for use with detergent. The 6 metre hose is far more generous than any electric pressure washer, and it allows you to work freely, cleaning all sides of a tractor for example, without having to move the main washer unit itself.


  • High quality lance with quick-fit nozzles to save time
  • Strong steel frame for stability
  • Manufacturer offers service support
  • Gives a powerful 200bar of pressure for even the most stubborn dirt


  • This pressure washer will only work with a big tank or a mains water supply as the level of the water at the source has to be above the level of water in the machine reservoir.


The Wolf 200bar pressure washer is a good investment, and offers professional grade performance for a reasonable price. However no product is perfect, and there are a couple of design oversights- for example you’ll need make sure the hose does not get too close to the hot engine as it could melt. Wolf would have done well to enclose the engine in a cage but they did not. It’s not a huge issue, but it does require a little extra care when in use.

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