Hyundai 51cc 2-Stroke Anti-Vibration Petrol Grass Trimmer Review

At nearly 10 kilogrammes, the Hyundai 51cc 2-Stroke Anti-Vibration Petrol Grass Trimmer can cause discomfort in the arms and shoulders for older users. Even body builders might have trouble holding the strimmer for extended periods of manicuring a lawn. The weight issue especially comes into play, whenever you trim in tight spots, such as near bushes or power line poles. Users report throttle switch problems, as well as a wire spool that releases the wire too quickly.

The issues with this strimmer might be overlooked, after operating it a few times around your yard. Hyundai has developed a very powerful 50.8cc two-stroke recoil start petrol engine that allows the grass trimmer to churn through anything. Move the strimmer over thick weeded areas, without ever having to go back over the same location twice. The powerful engine expands the role of the strimmer to include running through brush to produce mulch. Enjoy the ideal mid range torque that allows you operate the machine at less than maximum revolutions. Hyundai has included a two-string nylon cutting head, as well as three and eight-tooth metal cutting blades for more difficult grass trimming jobs.

Large handles and fingertip controls not only ensure safety and precision, they also create ergonomic benefits by limiting the movements of your hands and arms. The fully enclosed anti-vibration system reduces noise and the fatigue created on a user’s back and shoulders. Attach the full harness to the strimmer to ensure you remained balance throughout trimming jobs. Hyundai backs the quality of the grass trimmer by offering a free two-year warranty.


·         Powerful 50.8cc two-stroke recoil start petrol engine

·         Doubles as a brush cutter that produces mulch

·         Two sizes of metal cutting blades for the toughest trimming jobs

·         Mid range torque

·         Anti-vibration system reduces noise

·         Two-year warranty


·         A lot of weight to hold for a trimming job

·         Throttle switch malfunctions

·         Wire spool releases wire too quickly


Hyundai needs to make a few improvement for the Hyundai 51cc 2-Stroke Anti-Vibration Petrol Grass Trimmer. Once the company takes care of the weight, throttle switch, and spool wire issues, this strimmer should comprise a part of every lawn company’s equipment inventory. You won’t find another strimmer that trims grass and slices through brush to create mulch. Hyundai has also added industry leading safety features and ergonomic enhancements that prevent pain in your arms and shoulders.

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