ParkerBrand 52CC Petrol Strimmer/Brush Cutter Review

These days it’s difficult to distinguish between what one petrol strimmer offers that’s different to the next. More often than not they have a very similar design and come complete with a set of accessories such as a tool kit and fuel mixing bottle, which is of course very handy. When this is the case however your biggest considerations are the price and any subtle details that will enable you to make a judgement with regard to your ultimate choice.

This model from Parker certainly ticks the box as far as cost goes, it’s about a third of the price that you’d pay from a big name brand machine, and yet it still performs well, at least in the short term. One thing that’s always difficult to predict is whether or not it will still be working as well as it does now in twenty years time!

In terms of features, all the essentials are provided here, from the powerful 52cc engine to the standard handlebar design, to the brush cutter attachment, but of course the engine is basic and therefore a little on the weighty side. Likewise whilst the harness is adequate, it isn’t the ultra comfortable, padded kind you’d find on a more expensive strimmer.

One thing we must shout loudly is that the instructions are clear (for the most part anyway). Why is this important? Well for the simple reason that at least 50% of the time, equipment manufacturers seem to neglect to provide decent instructions, so it’s always reassuring when they do as not only does it make life a lot easier, but it suggests they’ve taken full care over the whole process of developing their tools, and haven’t just shoved them out of the factory door as quickly as possible.

So really the theme here is one of functionality, but without added finesses, which seems about right for the price to be perfectly honest.

One area this Parker strimmer doesn’t fall down (although a lot of customer feedback would have you believe otherwise) is that the engine is difficult to start. This engine is no different from any other more small 2 stroke engine in that respect, and it’s a simple case of getting the knack for starting it right first, only then can a judgement be made as to whether it is indeed any better or worse than another engine.


An functional beast with an honest heart, this strimmer won’t be winning design or engineering awards anytime soon, but it will prove to be a valuable workhorse in the garden with minimal upfront investment.

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