Flymo Petrol Power Air Cushion Mower Review

The Best Petrol Hover Mower

For the serious Landscaper there is no substitute for Flymo Petrol hover Spec Imagea good hover mower, especially when it comes to tackling slopes and banks, hard to reach areas that the hover mower can approach from any angle.

Flymo, known internationally for their hover mowers, are the go to choice for such a machine, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Featuring a 160cc petrol engine this mower has all the grunt of a conventional petrol mower, but with maneuverability that can’t be beaten

Construction wise this mower couldn’t be simpler, so there’s very little to worry about going wrong, all you need to know is that the steel cutting blade and corrosion resistant deck are the perfect match for dealing with those tough areas, on slopes of up to 45 degrees.


  • Simple yet effective design perfect for large-scale domestic, and professional landscaping
  • Powerful 4 stroke engine – reliable and as quiet as you could hope for
  • Fold down handles for ease of storage


  • Limited application – not suitable for most domestic scenarios
  • No grass collecting ability – this mower really is for keeping the grass cut, not for keeping it looking immaculate, so unless you are cutting it very regularly there will always be noticeable thatch left behind when you finish mowing
  • Won’t do everything you need it to – whilst this mower is perfect in ways that other mowers simply don’t come close, by the same token it’s also highly inferior in others. For creating nice, neat stripes on you main lawn, you’ll still need another mower, most likely a wheeled petrol model, or if your garden commands it, a ride on
  • Some users have had issues with the combination of significant weight and hovering functionality meaning that the mower has a tendency to drift downhill. This suggests that you should be confident with handling the weight of this mower if you are to keep it safely under control, and if you hope to mow in perfectly straight lines, forget it!
  • Some users have also complained about the intake for the air cushion clogging with grass, so it might be a case of needing to regularly unblock the air intake


This is the best petrol hover mower on the market, it’s simple, reliable and does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s also about as no-nonsense as they come, for cutting banked areas on large plots, you’ll need this mower, and you’ll need it every time you  cut those areas. If you don’t have banked areas, you won’t need this mower, it’s that simple. Whilst this is one of the best hover mowers available, that’s still small consolation when it comes to standard mowing activities there’s still no substitute for a decent set of wheels!

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