Rover Pro Cut 560 Lawn Mower Review

Rover Pro Cut 560 Lawn Mower, a solid heavy-duty piece of equipment

Rover is an Australian-based lawn mower manufacturer with more than 60 years of experience, renowned for its safe and efficient equipment.

The self-propelled Rover Pro Cut 560 comes with a sturdy design. The reinforced alloy deck has a high arch and non-rust coating. In this Rover lawn mower review we will address the often confusing engine-issue. Strangely some models are powered by an OHV 910 engine, some by a Kohler XT 8.0 power source, and some can even feature a Briggs & Stratton engine. This probably depends on the age of your model, or the location of purchase.

Regardless of engine type, the mower features 8’’ front wheels and 9’’ drive wheels at the back, making navigation a lot easier. To be able to operate under dusty and dirty conditions, the 560 has an efficient air filter system running up to a snorkel. Since the gearbox and the clutch system are on the top of the mower, Rover had a chance to fit a full-sized rear discharger at the back. As a result, the equipment can fill up the catcher more efficiently, making clogging unlikely even when the grass is long and damp. The 560 features four swing-back blades, making it suitable for use on bigger yards and perhaps even adequate for professionals.

The mower’s weight is definitely a major disadvantage. At 100 pounds, this Rover lawn mower is a little bit too heavy for a plastic design, even when you factor in how sturdy it is. In addition, if you buy one with a Chinese-built Kohler engine, you probably have to go easy on it. These engines are reportedly not as durable as the OHV 910 or the Briggs & Stratton.


  • Good maneuverability despite its weight
  • Strong, sturdy design
  • Great blades
  • Mulch and catch features
  • Full-sized rear catcher
  • Good wheels
  • Reinforced handles for extra protection



  • High variability in performance due to the different engines


The Rover Pro Cut 560 is an excellent choice for devoted homeowners who are looking for a professional push-mower, but before you purchase it, make sure you choose a model with the desired engine.

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