Titan Pro 22″ Zero Turn Lawnmower

Titan Pro Zero Trun

You might normally associate the ability for a lawn mower to turn on the spot (otherwise known as ‘zero turning’) to be a feature of specialist ride-on lawn mowers. Not so anymore, with this Titan Pro lawn mower review we’ll show how zero turning is coming to the masses.

With cutting edge turning capabilities, this lawn mower from Titan Pro is a glimpse into the future of grass cutting. Equipped with a Kohler Courage engine, this 22 inch cutting width zero turn mower has some standout features that put it at the top of the market. With self-propulsion and a mighty XT775 engine, this lawn mower is extremely powerful and requires little physical labour to get great results. With this machine, you can choose whether you want to side discharge the grass or to collect it in the bag. If you choose the latter, you won’t need to worry about running out of space as this mower comes with a massive 80 litre collection bag, making it ideal for large gardens and lengthy grass areas.

The cutting height can be varied from 20mm to 95mm which means you have a large selection range depending on the length or type of grass you need to cut. There is also 22in of cutting width, making this able to reach a lot of grass in one easy movement. Of course the real standout feature of this lawn mower is its ability to spin on its own footprint, so you can easily manoeuvre it around tight spaces and get more grass cut in a short amount of time. This feature also makes it practical to reach those tricky corners and against walls. Interestingly enough, this particular feature has been a standard selling point of many ride on mower for years, but this is one of the few examples on the market of a pedestrian mower that offers the same. Bizarre really, especially seeing as it’s so useful!


  • Tight turning circle, turns ‘on a six pence’
  • Large collection bag
  • Side discharge of grass if desired
  • Wide range of cutting heights


  • Very heavy and bulky
  • Very powerful so can be difficult to handle
  • Needs a lot of space for storage


Overall, this is an excellent machine if you want to invest in a top quality lawn mower for large areas with hard to access, or tight spots. It will need plenty of storage space so make sure you have a big enough garage or garden shed to accommodate it. This certainly isn’t a suitable lawn mower if you have a small garden as it will not be cost effective in the long run.

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