Trueshopping Petrol Lawn Mower Review

Trueshopping JL40TC2There aren’t many cheaper petrol lawn mowers of this size on the market than this one, but let’s see what else it has hidden up its sleeve.

First off, with a cutting width of 40cm and a grass bag capacity of 45 litres this lawn mower won’t shy away from mowing larger lawns, and shouldn’t be too much of a chore for you to push around. Just bare in mind that it isn’t self propelled, so for the weak or elderly, or those with a particularly hilly garden this might not be the best option.

This mower performs surprisingly well for a budget machine, with a cutting ability that rivals far more expensive models, and you can be pretty sure that it will do so for a long time thanks to a durable plastic deck that won’t corrode like metal bodied mowers.


  • Durable long lasting deck and cutting mechanism construction
  • Excellent value for the size (40cm cutting width, 45 litre grass bag)
  • Ergonomic handlebar and ‘dead mans’ lever
  • 4 large wheels give decent traction


  • Spares are difficult (if not impossible) to source
  • Attachment of handlebar to deck is a weak point that’s known to break
  • Cutting height adjust requires (somewhat bizarrely) that the wheels be removed prior to making the adjustment. This probably won’t go down well with most people in this day and age, everything should be achievable at the touch of a button!


In essence this is a great little mower that cuts grass like the best of them, and if you’re not put off by a few minor niggles such as having to supply your own oil and potentially struggling to get spares, then you’ll have no problems. If you’re interested in the full after market package including excellent customer service and spares from the manufacturer, or you want something that’s truly impeccable then this mower won’t cut it (pun intended).

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Trueshopping Petrol Lawn Mower Review
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