Black & Decker KW750K-GB Planer Review

If you’re looking for a reliable light-duty planer the Black & Decker KW750K-GB is a solid starting point. With a maximum 2mm depth of cut, and 0.2mm increments, you can be sure of achieving accurate results. Remember, most other planers only allow increments of 0.5mm, which no good if you only wish to take off the finest sliver of material. Once you’re happy with the planing depth, it’s simply a case of locking it, and then you can plane smoothly without the risk of slipping.

It must be said this planer is a little on the heavy side, but in some ways that’s an advantage since the weight provides an extra force when you start planing. Then there’s the awesome dust extraction feature, from the right or left, either way away the dust goes away from your hands to ensure you work without distraction. With a powerful motor behind it, you can be sure that no matter how hard the wood you’re planing is, the motor will not be overloaded at all and therefore the brushes are guaranteed to last last a long time.

Depending on whether you’re right or left-handed, you can set the planer so that the chips are ejected on the opposite side. Whilst this will protect your eyes, it still isn’t a guarantee, so safety goggles are imperative. It’s always better to err on the side of caution when it comes to safety.

If you buy from the right seller, this planer will be sold with a parallel fence. This ensures that you plane in a straight line. For larger projects or regular use this planer comes with vacuum adapter for dealing with large volumes of dust.

For rebating purposes this planer allows you make cuts of all of 12mm, which is as big as it gets. The handle is ergonomically designed, comfortable to the hands and it ensures that the fingers do not suffer any kind of strain.


• Can extract chips on either side, right or left
• High power 750-watt motor does not experience burnouts
• Soft and comfortable handle grip to ensure comfort during prolonged periods of use
• Reversible blades with carbide coated tips


For amateur and domestic projects, this is a sound choice of planer, like all Black and Decker tools it delivers a fair performance for occasional, fairly light work. We wouldn’t fancy its chances were you to really put it through its paces, in which case we would recommend something with more power and durability such as Bosch’s professional planer.

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Black & Decker KW750K-GB Planer Review
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