Bosch GHO 18 Electric Planer Review

Like so many power tools, there are many electric planers on the market that at times it almost seems impossible deciding which one fits you best. One factor that should guide your choice is the overall credibility of the model. This is where a model such as the Bosch GHO 18 comes in, not only is it a professional grade tool, but it also comes from a well reputed manufacturer. Right off the bat it means business.

This is an 18V-Li  cordless planer, which of course enables you to be a mobile user, unrestricted by the size of work piece, or indeed the absence of plug sockets. It also has a continuously variable depth-of-cut of up to 1.6mm, guaranteeing a fast and precise work rate, far in excess of what you could achieve with a manual plane.

This planer also ensures a high surface finish quality thanks to its ultra-sharp and durable TC reversible blades, providing a clean cut and smooth finish. It also weighs a mere 2.6kgs, a very manageable weight for a planer, especially a cordless one, and if at any point you do feel fatigued, the motor brake helps in ensuring you place the tool down safely without any unforeseen movement.

It’s quick and easy to change the blades when working with the GHO 18, which again ensures continuous work with as little down time as possible. The wood chip clearance, which can be set to go left or right ensures flexibility in any working scenario, so you can work in whatever direction you’re comfortable without getting a face full of wood shavings… always a bonus!


  • Cordless technology ensures mobility
  • Fast and precise cutting mechanism
  • Users attest to the fact that this planer is strong and long lasting
  • Reversible blades for maximum use, and reversible chip extraction
  • Soft handle, friendly to the hands


There are no real cons with the Bosch GHO 18. As a professional grade tool it’s as reliable and effective as you could hope for. Clearly battery power will always have its drawbacks, and each work session will be at the mercy of how long the battery lasts, but that’s no different for any battery powered tool. The good news is that the GHO 18 uses lithium ion batteries- currently the best battery technology available on the market.


If you’re looking for a nigh on faultless planer, then the Bosch GHO 18 is the perfect choice, with many users able to attest to its effectiveness and reliability, which always a reassuring sign. Clearly like any other tool it will suffer from the same wear and tear that anything does over time, but as for serious manufacturing or design faults, there really aren’t any to speak of.

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