Bosch PHO 1500 Planer Review

Bosch are perhaps one of the most renowned brands when it comes to hand-held power tools. Constantly striving for perfection, they release new and improved tools every year. For this reason many people will buy the Bosch PHO 1500 planer reassured by the knowledge that it will have been developed and over many years, and the new and improved successor to a long line of previous models. This is all well and good, but is this tool as good as the manufacturer claims it is? The simple answer in this case is yes, so long as it’s used for the purpose for which it is was designed. For example, many people note that if you use it on tough hardwood, it will bounce around a lot, and generally prove ineffective. To this end it’s not a planer suited to the rigours of professional use, but you can certainly use it for light DIY work at home with a great deal of success.

What are some of the features of the Bosch PHO 1500 Planer?

The motor has an output power of 500 Watts, which is ample for planing softwoods. The maximum cutting depth is 1.5mm, maybe not enough for someone who wants to work fast, but great enough for a thorough job none the less.
Blade changing is very easy, thanks to a Bosch patented system that’s been tried and tested thoroughly. Just like more advanced planers the PHO 1500 also features an extraction system to blow wood chips clear of the work piece and your eyes.

The extended parking rest for the planer ensures there is no damage to a planed face should you put the planer down mid way through a job, and which of course also ensures there is no damage risk to the planing blade itself. The planing depth is easily adjustable, thanks to a clearly marked adjustment knob.


• It comes with a good, ergonomically designed handle that’s perfect for left-handed as well as right-handed users.
• Can plane across a width of 82mm
• Perfect from removing extra thicknesses on doors, door-frames, flooring boards and windows
• Lightweight at just 2.4kg
• 1.5mm cutting depth and up to 8mm rebating depth


No good for planing hard woods, and we also wouldn’t recommend professional, daily use of this planer either – take a look at Bosch’s professional range if this is what you’re after.


As we said in the beginning, this planer, Bosch PHO 1500 is not so good for heavy duty planing tasks, so we’d recommend a Bosch professional plane if you need something that will be up to the demands of regular use, but for simple one off jobs like planing a door to make it fit a frame, then the PHO 1500 is absolutely ideal.

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