DeWalt D26500k Planer Review

If you’re looking for a planer that will save you the maximum amount of hassle possible then you’ve probably found it, with the DeWalt D26500k at hand you’re assured of producing high quality results within the shortest time possible – should you have the need or inclination you can slice away 4mm of material in a single pass, so you’ll be trimming the ends off doors in no time!

This is a powerful planer that pumps out 1050 watts of power, ensuring the most effortless of cutting. The left and right chip ejection ensures convenience in whatever scenario you’re working, and also takes care of the preferences of both right and left handed users. Better yet, the front handle control is clearly marked with 0.1mm increments, ensuring you achieve an accurate blade depth setting with a positive stop position. You’ll have full control over your DeWalt planer, no question of that.

The rubber coated front and main handle eliminates slipping ensuring both greater safety and better comfort and control, and of course this means you’re not restricted to one handle either. In case you need a change, you simply swap hands and let the rear handle take the lead.  All the while you work comfortably the large planer blade drum rotates at a high speed, providing an excellent finish.

The 3 chamfering grooves on the front shoe make cutting consistent chamfers very easy, and the TCT reversible blades ensure you have a high surface quality whatever you’re trying to achieve.

The dust extraction spout helps in ensuring you have a dust free work site. On the subject of health and safety, another neat feature is the deflector and chip and dust collection bag, this creates a safe working environment since the chips may otherwise break off and scratch you, or worse even get into your eyes. As good as the bag is, to be on the safe side we wouldn’t recommend using this indoors or in an non-ventilated area, as there are always going to be some particles so fine that they can pass through the permeable fabric of the bag.

To make life easy, the collection bag has a clear window so you know how far off you are from filling it up, but you’ll soon know if you are close to busting point anyway as the chips will end up spitting out forwards instead!


  • A hard case ensures the tool stays in good condition
  • User comfort is taken care of thanks to comfortable hand grips, and guidance features such as the chamfer guides and parallel fence


  • Heavy (4kg), and when it as the dust collection bag attached, it’s also very bulky, so the D26500k certainly isn’t for the faint of heart!
  • Users attest the fact that it is better for tradespeople than a DIYers, largely down to the rather hefty price tag.

This an excellent tool despite the few issues raised by users, but as ever with high end tools like this, you might have a hard time justifying having it, as unfortunately the price is pretty steep. On the other hand it might well be a price worth paying for the sheer power and impressive cutting ability on offer, not to mention the dust collection system which is well above average for a power planer. Put it this way, if we were fitting out a house with several new doors and needed to plane them to fit, this would be our go to choice.

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