Makita DKP180Z Cordless Planer Review

The Makita DKP180Z is a reliable piece of kit, being from Makita and all. The obvious downside is that the lithium ion battery isn’t included, which might seem mean, but don’t forget the same battery can be used for a variety of different Makita tools, so as part of a greater all round investment it’s a lot more worthwhile.

Given its cordless nature, your mobility isn’t limited at all, in fact you can manoeuvre all over your work site with no restriction, and you can work on particularly large work pieces. The lock-on button ensures continuous operation, so you don’t have to hold the power button down through operation, and you don’t have to keep stopping due to fatigue, and let’s face it, when you have the freedom of movement that a tool like this gives you, you might well end up working for longer than you would do otherwise!

The DKP180Z is appropriate for both left and right-handed users because it has symmetrical buttons on either side of the handle, besides increasing its universal appeal, this is also a great user friendly feature as you can swap your hands over if your leading hand starts to get tired, and vice versa.

Overall stats include: the ability to plane to a maximum depth of 2mm, and rebating to a maximum depth of 9mm- all achieved far quicker than you would otherwise do by hand. In addition, the charging time of the planer is only 22 minutes, again quick enough that even if you do have to stop and wait for it to charge, 9 times out of 10 you’ll be better off waiting for it to charge than getting your hand tools out.


  • Lightweight at only 2kg – lighter than a good proportion of planers on the market, although bear in mind the weight of the battery instantly makes this heavier than a mains powered planer
  • Takes a short time to charge and time saving
  • Users have awarded particular applause for this tool in terms of it being quiet during operation, notably more so than other similar tools


This tool is excellent for every planing application you can think of. However, a few users have complained that it consumes the battery very fast. This means you have to keep on charging it every other time or else invest in another battery so that when one is low, you can use the other one. Again, given the interchangeability of the battery with other tools, we think it makes good sense to have at least one spare battery as a matter of course.


For many jobs, whether it’s fitting a set of doors or a new kitchen, you’re sure to be doing so much plaining work that it simply isn’t worth your bother to use a low quality too. In these instances you’ll do far better with a reliable and powerful planer such as the Makita DKP180Z.

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