Ryobi EPN7582NHG Planer Review

Ryobi manufactures a long list of high quality power tools, so it should be no surprise to seasoned do it yourselfers that the company has scored a huge hit with the Ryobi EPN7582NHG Planer. With three chamfering grooves at 0.5, 1.0, and 1.5 millimetres, this planer ensures precise movements that keep you on track to complete your planing job successfully. The double sided fence (if required) and full-length trigger give you complete control over the tool. Control matters in planing, as the even slightest deviation in movement can turn an otherwise precise and professional project into an exercise in futility. The Ryobi EPN7582NHG also doesn’t vibrate to any noticable degree, which further makes the case for purchasing this very steady planer.

Dust can create problems for you once you’ve mastered the skill of planing. Any dust that accumulates on the surface of a material becomes potentially harmful for the planer’s motor. Ryobi has created an overmould dust extraction switch to prevent the finest particles from accumulating and impeding the performance of the motor. To this end then, when you finish planing a section of wood, plastic, or metal, you shouldn’t see any residue left on the material surface. The cordless planer allows you to move about the work area freely, which helps projects unfold seamlessly. Ryobi’s proprietary Livetool indicator displays the amount of power remaining in the power tool.

The Ryobi EPN7582NHG Planer includes a rear foot stand that protects the blades whenever you set the unit down for a break. Also on the subject of protection, you might want to consider storing the planer in a more protective container than the case provided by Ryobi. Many user reviews complain about the fragility of the case, and that it tends to crack over a short period. Moreover, the plastic clasps that close the case have an even shorter lifespan. The operating instructions Ryobi includes with the planer also receive criticism for not presenting clear information how to use the tool, so this is definitely an area for improvement.


  • Rear foot stand protects blades
  • Overmould dust extraction to protect motor
  • No vibrations
  • Three chamfering grooves ensure planing precision
  • Cordless


  • Cheap plastic protective case


The Ryobi EPN7582NHG Planer provides do it yourselfers with precise planing across a wide variety of materials. It doesn’t vibrate, which not only keeps you planing on a straight line, but also means you don’t have to endure hand and arm fatigue. Although the protective case does a poor job of protecting the planer, this isn’t a deal breaker, and you can create or buy a makeshift case to ensure long lasting durability if you deem it necessary.

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