Silverline 128891 Planer Review

The Silverline 128891 is one of the smallest (not to mention cheapest) light duty planers on the market today. In fact,  it’s better to buy this one if you’re looking for a planer that can do light jobs at home, as opposed to spending a lot of money on a high-roller planer that you will only use occasionally. The implication here is of course that the Silverline 128891 is made for light DIY and amateur woodwork jobs, therefore, if you run a workshop or other professional venture it may not be the most suitable planer for the job.

Having said that, the planer still has some very good features. For example, it is sold with twin blades that are reversible. This means that after one side wears away, you can still use the other side of the blade, effectively doubling its useful life.. This saves money, not to mention the faff of going out to buy blades more frequently. In addition, the blades tips are coated with carbide, further increasing their useful life.

To keep the worktable clean and to minimise the task of clearing up after working, the planer is sold with its own bag for collecting the extracted dust, so once again there is a big time saver to be had, not to mention the fact that removing dust as you work ensures that you do a good job as your view on the job isn’t obstructed by wood shavings and saw dust.

Setting the planing depth to a a figure that suits you is easy, the overall planing depth is 2mm and you’re able to set it at intervals of 0.5mm, until you think you have attained the perfect depth. Once you’ve increased the depth, just lock it in and away you go, there are no concerns about slipping to worry about here.

The width that you can plane across is 82mm, pretty much the standard size with planers this size, so you can’t really ask for more in that respect.


• Has double edged and twin blades for faster, more effective and smooth cutting
• Blades are coated with carbide making them last a longer time than plain steel blades
• Dust removal ensures clean working environment
• Sturdily constructed to last a long time


The real issue we could find was that the dust collection bag is a tad on the small side, so you’ll have to empty it a good number of times depending on the size of your project.


As far as small planers go, the Silverline 128891 is ideal for casual use. Clearly Silverline are known for their budget approach, and the quality on offer here won’t be as good as other manufacturers, but at the same time there’s no arguing with the price tag either, so if you only need a planer for the occasional bit of light use then you really won’t go wrong with it.

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