The Best Electric Pressure Washers 2017

Bosch AQT 35-12 High Pressure Washer Review

The Bosch AQT 35-12 high-pressure washer is perfect for everyday home and garden cleaning. Supplied complete with easy to connect parts and accessories, the great thing about this washer is that it performs to a high standard and is simple to get to grips with. Rated to 120 bar, the AQT 35-12 is suited to cleaning stubborn muck and grime in ways that a conventional hose simply can’t compete with.

You’ll clean fast and accurately with this model thanks to its state of the art wand that effectively has 3 nozzles in one. The handle is foldable, meaning that you can store the unit easily once you’ve finished with it, meaning that it need not occupy more space than necessary in an already over crowded garage or shed.


• Auto-stop feature, which ensures power is generated only when needed.
• As mentioned previously, it’s easy to store since it comes with folding handles and sturdy wheels
• It’s efficient for cleaning just about anythin, well, short of doing your dishes for you! It’s great for muddy cars, bikes and most importantly, for high windows that would otherwise require you to get a ladder out. You can also use it to clean outdoor spaces like decks, patios and even outdoor furniture.
• The ergonomic handle is designed to be used by people with big or small hands alike, and most importantly, it can be used by either left or right-handed people- there’s no bias in the design towards one or the other.

Any high-pressure washer is in many ways only as good as the accessories and features it comes with, which is why the AQT 35-12 comes with a rotary jet, high-pressure fan and in built lower pressure settings for the soap. Again, all these are contained in the advanced nozzle – very neat indeed! Should you need to you can buy more accessories like a 90-degree nozzle for cleaning roofs and gutters, a dedicated  patio cleaner attachment, and a hose for drain cleaning and unblocking pipes.
With a 1500-Watt motor, and modest 5.5 kg of total weight, this washer certainly has a high power to weight ratio.


Like most Bosch products, the AQT 35-12 is a solid addition to any repertoire of appliances. Not only is it reliable and powerful, but thanks to it’s ingenious design it covers a whole range of different cleaning applications. Very handy to have to in your arsenal.

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Kärcher K2 Basic Pressure Washer Review

Just like other tools, the pressure washer market is so full of brands (dare we say saturated!) that at times it can be confusing to know what’s best for you. Chances are the first thing you’ll look for when reviewing what’s on offer is the reputation of the brand. Karcher will of course not disappoint you since they are known internationally for producing some of the best, if not the best performing pressure washers available.

The K2 is a small pressure washer and one of the best value Karcher pressure washers, ideal for occasional/moderate cleaning, and with an overall weight of just about 4 kgs. It’s driven by mains power, outputting 1400 watts of cleaning power. Although this is a small pressure washer, it does an excellent  job of cleaning decks, paving work and even mud or salt drenched cars.

With a water flow rate of 360 liters per hour and 110 bar of water pressure, this is just the kind of washer you need to get rid of even the most stubborn stains. The hose is only 4 meters long, which is a little on the short side it must be said. Luckily transporting the unit to the task at hand is easy thanks to its compact and lightweight nature.

You can be sure that the pressure at which the spray hits your car will get rid of all the dirt, whilst at the same time being lenient on the paintwork, leaving your car clean but unscathed.

The Karcher K2 110 bar washer comes with several special features: the washable filters ensure continued efficiency time and again, while the cord clip ensures the cord stays is in place when not in use. You can also holster the lance to its rightful place on the side of the main unit when storing the pressure washer.

There are two nozzle types supplied with this model, a rotary nozzle that is more directed, good for stubborn dirt such as the type engrained on your patio, while the second is flatter and wider, good for whipping loose dirt from bikes and cars.


  • A powerful pressure washer especially given its small size
  • A great time saving investment in place of a traditional hose
  • Lightweight and easy to transport by all


Most of those unsatisfied with this are those who apply it for the wrong job. It’s perfect for basic level domestic use, but you shouldn’t expect it to function on an industrial level


For the low price that you will pay for the Karcher K2 110 Bar pressure washer, it is definitely worth having, and just like other Karcher tools, it will give you great value for your money. Whilst not quite as powerful, or indeed as functionally versatile, as the Bosch AQT 35-12, the Karcher still performs well and retails at a significantly lower price.

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Makita HW101 240V Compact Pressure Washer Review

In the world of handheld power tools, Makita are one of the most renowned and highly respected names going. So it comes as no surprise that the Makita HW101 compact pressure washer is one of the most sought after on the market today, for all home pressure-washing jobs. It’s considered as an entry level pressure washer, perhaps because of its small nature. With this in mind you should note that it’s made for smaller cleaning jobs, and like other basic models it shouldn’t be used for larger scale industrial type cleaning jobs. You’ll have no problems whatsoever using it to clean your kids’ bikes, your patio stones, your car and even windows.

With a weight of 6.3 kg this is a tad heavier than some of the others in our round-up, but it shouldn’t be a major concern to most. It comes supplied with a detergent bottle that’s fixed to the gun by first removing the front end of the lance, so this is simple to get up and running to improve the overall cleaning quality. The water bottle is also adjustable so that you can apply differently concentrated detergents to different cleaning jobs. Perhaps the most laudable thing about this machine is that the nozzle is permanently fixed and it does not have to be removed for any reason, so the odds of losing it are practically zero.

This washer’s ergonomically designed handle is comfortable to the hand, and once you start cleaning there will be no stopping. The 240V motor is powerful enough to get even the most stubborn dirt out of your stones, so there are no qualms in that respect.

On the same note, you ought to know that this comes with a 3-meter hose that can withstand high pressure spraying. It is soft hose though and therefore you need to take good care of it so that it doesn’t spring a leak at any point in the future. However, it is easy to find a replacement hose should you encounter any problems. You get a respectable 101 bars of pressure from this machine, again ideal for domestic cleaning work.


• Good for patio stones, cars, bikes, driveways and pathways
• Has a detergent bottle that is adjustable to allow you to use different solutions for different types of dirt
• Its jet is powerful yet at the same time, it’s light to hold the lance
• Light, weighs about 6.3kg – although by no means the lightest on the market
• It is easy to put together on first use


It is small and has smaller motor than some competing models. Thus, it could take you more time to clean a given area than you might do with a washer of similar size and cost.


The Makita HW101 pressure washer is suitable for small DIY cleaning jobs at home. If you take good care of it, it will last you a long time. It’s not without its faults, for example the power to weight ratio just doesn’t feel as good as say the Karcher K2, but the jury’s out on which will stand the test of time, and therefore prove to be a better investment in the long run. Somewhat surprisingly for a Makita product, this is one of the best value pressure washers we’ve looked at, adding further weight to the argument for buying it!

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Sealey PW2000 Pressure Washer Review

Sealey have been in the market for 36 years, so you can imagine the experience they have when developing the best pressures washers they possibly can. Their pressure washer the Sealey PW2000 is creatively designed to meet needs of a wide range of users.
This pressure washer is ideal for frequent domestic and light trade use. It is appropriate for a wide range of activities, for example cleaning patios, barbecues, decking and vehicles.
The Sealey PW2000 runs on a powerful 1700 watt motor and its flow rate is an impressive 6.7 liters per minute, which is more than enough to get that stubborn dirt from your patio stones. It has a maximum pressure output of 140 bar making it powerful enough for light and medium heavy commercial cleaning needs.

The automatic total stop system (TSS) is great for switching the motor on and off when the trigger is operated. This prolongs the motor life thus saving you from the replacement costs that are incurred should the motor ever fail to work.
The two hooks, one for the 5 meter hose and the other for the power cable will help you keep the pressure washer compact and uncluttered when you store it, or when you have to carry it in your car. The accessory storage can take all the other attachments so you don’t need to worry about finding homes for any of the loose items.

The variable nozzle settings make this pressure washer flexible, such that you can simply adjust the spray to different sizes and power depending on your cleaning needs. The nozzle is a ‘rotablast’ type for effective cleaning power, so called since it works up to a pressure of 257bar/ 3740psl.
The wheels are made to carry this pressure washer on all manner of terrains. They have enough ground clearance to cope with uneven ground and they will last a long time, well, don’t be surprised if you never have to replace them, put it that way.

The built-in detergent tank is ideal for adding extra cleaning power into the mix, and it’s more than big enough.


• Highly versatile as it can be used in a number of applications
• It is powerful – 140 bar, whilst not the most powerful electric pressure washer definitely not an entry level model either
• The automated system switch system makes it more efficient
• The 5m hose makes it easy for users to rotate around a given area
• Easy transportation due to the accessory storage and rugged wheels


No cons to speak of. Users are happy with Sealey PW2000 due to its efficiency and effectiveness.


The Sealey PW 2000 is a powerful pressure washer designed to make light professional cleaning easy. It is efficient, portable and can be used on all kinds of terrain.

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Greenworks Tools Electric Pressure Washer Review

Greenworks Tools are known for their innovation and cutting edge designs, if you’re an enthusiast of new technologies and designs, the Greenworks 2030PSI electric washer pressure is the machine to go for.

This pressure washer has a horizontal pump that improves its overall performance and reliability, and also makes it unique among electric pressure washers since most of them are designed with the pump mounted vertically. The horizontal design keeps the weight and centre of gravity low, thus improving stability, so there is less danger of the machine toppling over for any reason.

This washer has a powerful 1800 Watt motor, and the large wheels make transportation a lot easier, even on rough ground. Along with the horizontal pump design, the design of the wheels guarantees stability which makes this washer a firm and sturdy beast. The powerful motor, combined with the 140 bar pressure rating makes this machine good even for commercial purposes.

As far as the wand or lance is concerned, the control buttons are located close to the handle where they are easily accessible. This pressure washer is also compact yet small enough to help you properly manage your storage space. You don’t want to use a big washer that stresses you when it comes to storage if you can avoid it.

The 5m power cord that comes with this washer ensures you are able to maneuver around the work surface; but you will be restricted in terms of distance covered, but then again most washers of similar sizes come with just 5 meters, others even just 3 meters of hose.

The rotary brush feature makes this pressure washer very effective when working on a given tough spot on a surface, as you’re able to give it a bit of a scrub in combination with the high pressure water. This pressure washer also has 3 nozzles including one for adding detergent into the mix, again to help clean where necessary.


  • No restriction on your mobility when working- the 5m hose is standard among pressure washers
  • User comfort is assured thanks to a few simple but effective features, for example, the horizontal pump
  • The large wheels ensure easy movement, essential considering the weight of the unit


  • Fairly heavy at 19kg – you won’t be running around the place with this, strictly for working in one area at a time only


The Greenworks 140 Bar Pressure washer is unique due to its horizontal design. This provides a more reliable experience when it comes to cleaning using pressure washers, as there is less chance of accidentally knocking it over as you clean, which can be frustrating. Besides that it’s a very powerful machine, an ideal half way solution for serious amateur/semi professional cleaning work.

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Hilka RAC HP155 RAC Pressure Washer Review

If you’ve been looking for a high pressure washer that you can use to clean your driveway (if you live in the leafy suburbs), your car, windows, yes, even the attic windows, you’ll find the Hilka RAC-HP155 pressure washer very welcome indeed.
Of course, as it is with any other tool, you’ll only truly know how effective this is when you try it, but with a 5 meter power cable, you can be sure it will allow you to move around a lot as you clean things like pathways or bikes form all angles. In addition, its low weight of 8kg is easy to push around, especially considering its power.

Here are a few features that make the Hilka RAC-HP155 RAC Pressure Washer a Standout Product:

• It is rated 120 bar, meaning that it is great for high-pressure washing. It is a cold water pressure washer, so it can’t work miracles, but it is more powerful than most domestic grade washers.
• Comes supplied with a high-pressure hosepipe of 5 meters in length. In conjunction with the 5 metres of power cable this provides you with 10 meters of flexible, free movement from the power source.
• You can adjust the spray, making it either more spread for general cleaning, or more highly concentrated on one spot if there is stubborn dirt.
• 6.7-liters per minute water flow rate
• Other features to take note of include a soap dispenser unit, and patio-cleaning feature, as well as a fixed brush for scrubbing really tough spots.


• Lightweight relative to the power and pressure output
• Makes you mobile, that is, you can easily move around with an allowance of 5 meters for the power cable and 5 meters for the hosepipe
• Comes with fixed brush and soap dispenser
• Powerful motor of 1500 watts, more than enough for your home cleaning duties


Well, watch out for that motor. It is made of alloy that has been known to crack according to some user feedback. However, save for the odd gripe, most other users said that the RAC-HP155 RAC Pressure Washer did an excellent job of pressure washing so we would take those complaints as the exception rather than rule.

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Silverline 102580 Pressure Washer Review

If you are looking for a pressure washer that gives decent results, is easy to use, has a powerful motor, and all for a very affordable price, then you have come to the right place. The Silverline 102580 pressure washer will meet your needs perfectly. As you’d expect, whether it’s a dirty car, dirty bikes from hitting muddy trails, a dirty patio, paving stones or driveway, well, this pressure washer will wash everything away irrespective of the whys and hows.

The sturdy and rugged design makes the Silverline 102580 pressure washer not only very effective from a functional perspective, but also looks reassuringly tough too. It does look a bit ‘plasticky’ in places, but then again, what doesn’t in this day and age?

There are many things we can say about the Silverline 102580 but one of them is that it stands out among many models of its size because of its powerful motor, which has an output of 1650 watts. The working pressure however is only 105 bar, but the flow rate is at 7.1 liters per minute, so all in all not too bad at all.

The auto stop and start feature ensures that the motor isn’t overloaded and this prolongs the life of the washer considerably. In addition, this washer comes with an inbuilt filter that ensures that any bits of debris that may be in the water don’t find their way into the pump, thus again prolonging its life and ensuring that it’s always in prime working condition.

Weighing only 6 kg, it will be easy for you to use this pressure washer in a variety of scenarios, whether up a ladder or over the whole patio, you certainly won’t get tired from moving it around. In addition, once you’re finished cleaning, you can store all the attachments inside the washer, thus not taking more storage space than necessary, and providing a neat all round solution. Remember, this washer has been subjected to thorough testing, therefore you will be buying a product that has proven its worth in the market.


  • Light in weight, at just 6kg this is among the more portable of pressure washers available
  • Easy handling and does a fast job of pressure cleaning modest domestic level grime
  • Offers a lot of power from the powerful motor
  • Comes with a hose of 5 meters as well as a power cord of 5 meters
  • Will give you 105 bar pressure
  • At around the £50 mark this is one of the more affordable pressure washers available


  • Apart from the hose which may leak with time, there are virtually no disadvantages


If you have been looking for a small but sturdily built high pressure washer that will not put a dent into your pocket yet it will give you great value for your money, you have found what you are looking for.

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