Build Your Own Rolling Lumber Rack

Woodworking is a very satisfying hobby, attracting lots of DIY enthusiasts in their eagerness to be creative and useful around the house making improvements. This passion for woodworking could spark off a greater desire to venture create new designs to enhance the home in ways you might not have thought about. This of course requires a growing supply of plywood, moldings, and dowels, besides different pieces of lumber, or cut-offs from previous woodwork jobs.

Appropriate Storage

With the idea of creating bigger and bolder projects in mind it’s advisable to keep leftover pieces in good condition for your next woodwork project rather than buy new pieces unecessarily which could be costly in the long run. Great savings can be enjoyed if leftover wood pieces of all sizes are kept in a well designed rolling lumber rack.

This type of racks forms an excellent storage compartment for all kinds of offcut pieces which could come in handy at a later date. As such then, this is a worthy project in its own right!

Size and Shape

An appropriate rolling lumber rack should not prove to be a great challenge for DIY enthusiasts with the necessary tools and skills, especially if they are woodwork hobbyists. Seasoned DIY woodworkers will easily be able to identify the size and shape of a lumber rack that will fit snugly in the corner of their workshop. For those that need a little more assistance, here are a few hints:

  1. A recommended rolling lumber rack is made of plywood sheets put together using 3 pieces of ‘2 x 12s ‘and ‘2 x 4s.’
  2. The base is strengthened with heavy duty casters for greater maneuverability.
  3. Half lap joints are strong and ideal for this sort of application, in this case for attaching the base members to the side supports. These are best cut using a table saw equipped with a dado blade.
  4. The unit is best fixed together using the strength of screws. These are best placed in position using either a cordless drill or cordless driver.
  5. A jigsaw is also handy for trimming the required cutouts from the plywood.


When the preferred size and shape are known, the rolling lumber rack is easy to build at a very low cost. Little materials are needed, and the design can easily be customised to fit the available space.

The presence of a rolling lumber rack in your woodworking repertoire really is a great time and cost saver in the long run. The fact is there’s always a need for wood in most domestic DIY projects, so having somewhere to properly store it is essential.


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