Wall Mounted Storage Solutions

We all face the same dilemma every year around the same time. The birds begin chirping again and the grass changes to a lush green hue that we haven’t seen in several months. Spring and cleaning go hand in hand like chocolate and peanut butter, except chocolate and peanut butter rarely require you to work hard for enjoyment.

Spring cleaning, or any cleaning for that matter, often requires home owners to store items that have formed clutter in the garage, bedroom, and living room. In other words, home owners need small space solutions to clutter problems.

Wall storage helps mitigate clutter by arranging your stuff neatly in an easy to access location. You have four small space solution considerations for wall storage.

Can the Wall Bear the Weight?

Wall storage systems typically mount on a wall, which requires home owners to secure the systems to ensure stability. Mounting a wall storage system often requires you to use a stud finder to locate studs that attach to the wall storage system. You can’t attach the wall storage system anywhere on a wall and expect it to remain stable. Weight plays a huge role in determining the type of wall storage system you install on a wall. Home owners that can’t find wall studs or have doubts about wall storage security should consider small space solutions for storage that include stacking boxes or crates against a wall.

If you plan to mount a heavy electronics device, such as a flat screen television, you should hire a professional to install the device.

Humidity and Temperature

There’s a major difference between the climate in a garage and bedroom. A garage has more exposure to humidity and temperature swings. It only takes a few seconds of a garage door to open for items stored on a wall to receive exposure to the elements. Humidity and temperature are important factors to consider for deciding what items you can store as part of your small space solutions.

Size Up Your Small Space Solutions

It’s one thing to hang a shower mount in the bathroom to store soap and shampoo. It’s quite another thing to build a wall in the garage for storing home improvement tools. You must consider height dimensions, before installing a wall storage system. Moreover, remember that some small space solutions on a wall work great for eye level accessibility, while other small space solutions on a wall do a better job of storage at lower or higher eye levels.

How Far Do the Items Stored Stick Out from a Wall?

It might seem a good idea to mount a wall storage system in the garage, that is, until you arrive home from work one day to find your car door doesn’t open fully. A wall stored ironing board should hang in a remote location of your home. A rack full of car maintenance supplies should hang in an easy to reach place next to your vehicle. You don’t want to store things in places that hinder your movement.


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