Qualcast Garden Vac – 3000W

This is quite possibly the best leaf blower of its size.  With smaller models you generally find they either lack something, or they are needlessly expensive, but this is not so with the Qualcast garden vac. What’s more, the sub £100 price tag isn’t much to part with given the quality on offer. It’s easy enough to store and will fit almost anywhere once compacted.

Once you’ve got it out of the box you’ll have this blower up and running in a matter of minutes. The variable speed controls are a particularly nice touch that allows you to set the blower speed upto 270km/h, which is actually a lot faster than most larger blowers. So the moral of the story; don’t let the size fool you, this leaf blower can definitely handle large open areas.

The cable length of 10 metres might be a problem for those with larger and longer gardens, however as ever this can be quickly remedied with a simple extension cable.

The nozzle, instead of being rounded like many competitors, incorporates a wider scope, meaning it will take you less lines to walk up and down your garden to clear, however this does have the disadvantage of being less suited to precision work in amongst flower beds and other delicate or hard to reach areas.

The handle is very comfortable and most of the controls revolve around it, which are all nicely within reach without affecting performance or causing you to stop.

The bag size is very impressive as it has 50 litres of volume, which is another reason why this blower is recommended for larger jobs. Despite common belief smaller or electric blowers don’t always mean you need to stop and start constantly, in fact it’s likely you’ll only need to empty it once at the end of the job.


• Excellent storage potential
• Very powerful considering the size
• Wider scope for a more efficient clear of the garden


• The cord could be longer


As you can see, it’s not an entirely faultless product, but for the money you pay we can’t see a better model out there. It ticks almost every box and will definitely be something you’ll use for years.

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Qualcast Garden Vac - 3000W.
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