John Deere X165 Ride On Mower Review

Here’s a real beast of a mower. The John Deere X165 is one of the most powerful mowers on the market, at least among the non-professional or semi-professional pieces of equipment. This mower has plenty of great features, but a very hefty price tag too, as it costs a little bit over 3000 pounds. However, compared to the X135, there is a little difference in price, even though X165 outclasses the other one.

Starting with the engine, as always, we see that the X165 boasts a B&S twin cylinder OHV engine. It is rated to 13.3kW and can produce a whopping 3350 rpm. With the blade spinning that fast, there is no kind of grass or weed that won’t get sliced by this mower. Add to that a 48’’ deck, and you’ll be done with even the largest and most stubborn lawns before teatime.

Again, as we’ve seen with the other models, this machine features a domed deck and powerful suction. A domed deck and suction allow the grass to be lifted up, and for the blade to slice through it cleanly, leaving a very neat and even lawn behind. The suction also cleans the deck of clippings, so every little maintenance is required to keep this mower up. You will also be able to mulch, discharge or bag the grass, and you get a 230-litre bag for mulching and bagging.

Just like the X135, the X165 has some features that facilitate comfortable use. For starters, you have the same rubberized, anti-slip and anti-vibration footpads, as well as an adjustable seat. You also have cruise control, so you can set the pace, and concentrate on steering. X165 is a pretty nimble machine, with a turn radius of 45cm, which enables you to work your way around trees and flowerbeds.

All in all, the X165 is a stupendous mower. It’s got it all – power, manoeuvrability, 3-in-1 clippings disposal capability. It comes at a price, but it’s easy to see why the mower costs so much when you take a look at its splendid features.

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