Kubota T2380 Ride on Lawn Mower Review

Kubota T2380, a Highly Capable Ride-on Tractor

Torrance-based Kubota has been around for quite some time, introducing their first tractor in the United States in 1969. As is usually the case with successful companies, they extended their range of products significantly since, now also manufacturing other utility vehicles.

Kubota mowers are known for their powerful performance, and the T2380 – which comes with a 48’’ mower deck – is no exception. This ride-on mower comes with hydrostatic transmission, not only making operation easier, but also allowing you to use the tractor even in confined spaces.

The T2380’s cruise control feature lets you maintain specific mowing speeds effortlessly. When it comes to the deck, Kubota’s 3-in-1 infinity design offers unique versatility. The key advantage here is that you do not have to replace the blades to switch between cutting modes. This ride-on lawn tractor also has a grass-catching mode that does not require a blower. You can simply attach the boot. Other features include a control dial under the seat to change the cutting height, and a practical lift system that can either lower the deck or raise it, depending on your preferences..

The machine offers little protection to the drive belts, however. Traction is usually good, but on steeper terrain, the T2380 does not always shine. Depending on the blade settings of the infinity deck, the mower sometimes leaves a thin strip of grass while turning, which can be rather annoying


  • Powerful ride-on lawn tractor
  • Excellent infinity deck features
  • Solid suspension
  • Serviceable hydraulics
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • Single pedal controls
  • Cruise control with constant mowing speed
  • Good floor space


  • Belts get tangled
  • Limited steep terrain capabilities

The Kubota T2380 ride on lawn tractor is a solid choice for you if you are looking for a ride-on mower that is not too big and easily maneuverable. Overall, the infinity deck and the additional features make the T2380 one of the strongest candidates among the mid-tier ride-on lawn mowers. The ride belt can be an issue, but with proper usage, you should be able to get around 100 hours of operation without the wear and tear setting in.





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