McCulloch M115-77TC Lawn Tractor Review

The McCulloch M115-77TC Lawn Tractor Lets You Work in Style

Before we dive into this McCulloch ride on mower review, imagine you have a proud yard that’s not too terribly big. A good self-propelled push lawnmower may be enough to get the job done, but hey, you would rather ride around the yard in style on a lawn tractor. The only thing is that these lawn tractors have massive blades that are probably too big for your yard and they’re not nimble enough to reach a number of spots.

No worries, there’s one that’s perfect for you – the McCulloch M115-77TC compact lawn tractor. This is nothing like buying a funky-looking compact car, the M115-77TC is as stylish as they come in black enamel painted steel frame, not to mention comfortable and loaded with good stuff, including a virtually indestructible gearbox and the efficient and reliable 344cc Briggs & Stratton Series 3 PowerBuilt engine.

It’s a stylish all black lawn tractor with yellow trim. You’ll feel awesome perched on the comfortable seat. Turn on the engine and you can barely feel any vibration on your behind. The blade is only 30 inches, much shorter than most riding mowers including the other McCulloch lawn mowers, but that’s exactly the point. There are large machines built for wide open spaces but the McCulloch M115-77TC is perfect for sizable yards with obstacles. It’s a champ at tight turns and close maneuvers. You’ll be able to maneuver the compact cutting deck into tight spaces. The air stream will lift the blades of grass and there they’re off into the integrated 200-liter collector, and you can dump the stuff by pulling a lever without getting out of your seat.

Mowing the lawn is going to be fun with this McCullough ride on mower. When you’re done, turn around and admire the pretty cutting patterns. Before you put it away, don’t forget to hook up the water hose to the side. Turn on the water, engage the blade, and it’ll be cleaned.


  • 6-speed gearbox plus reverse.
  • Twin headlights are perfect for night prowlers.
  • Extremely agile dual draglinks connect the wheels to the axle.
  • Ergonomic comfort-grip steering wheel.
  • Easy-access blade engagement lever (right behind the steering wheel) and cutting height shift stick (on the side).
  • Adjustable cutting heights: 1.5 to 4 inches.
  • A host of useful optional accessories are available: mulch plug, scarifier, moss rake, brush, roller, spreader.


  • The 11.5hp engine output affords no bragging rights.
  • Wish it’s able to cut shorter than 1.5 inches.
  • The 30-inch blade is much shorter than a few comparably priced lawn tractors. The 200-liter collector is also on the small side.
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