Mountfield T38M-SD Lawn & Garden Tractor Review

Mountfield T38M-SD Spec ImageFor those larger gardens out there, whether kept immaculate or just tidy, this machine from Mountfield is sure to be the answer to keeping your lawn in check.

Featuring both side discharge and mulching capability as standard this mower will cater to keeping ‘worked’ areas such as orchards and fields tidy, or if you wish to mow regularly you can keep your lawn self sustained courtesy of the mulching feature, which consistently returns nutrition back to the lawn.

The 432cc engine, also made by Mountfield, has all the features you would expect from a modern engine, low noise, vibration and emissions, and most importantly efficiency. When it comes to turning the engine output into cutting power, the contra rotating blades are perfectly designed to ensure a smooth flow of air, driving the grass from the point of cutting to the point of discharge as economically as possible.

To prevent possible corrosion to the deck, a hosepipe attachment allows for easy cleaning of the underside, clearing away any old decaying grass in one fell swoop, and keeping the lawn mower ship shape for years of regular use.


  • Engine and cutting mechanism is designed with maximum efficiency in mind
  • Ideal for both well kept lawns, and more ‘agricultural’ areas of grass of several acres
  • Headlights for working in low light
  • Towbar fitted for use in conjunction with many available attachments
  • 1 Reverse gear and 5 forward gears to ensure you can travel at the appropriate speed to suit the area of grass you’re working on, whether navigating through a winding orchard, or travelling slightly quicker over an open space of grass


  • No grass collection bag as standard


This is a fine ride on lawn tractor, and provides the ideal starting point for larger scale lawn tending activity. It’s effective power plant and cutting mechanism can’t be disputed, and it’s ergonomic controls and sprung seating ensure that the user experience also optimized.

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